High-Payout 6 Blackjack Variations to Play and Win

Live casinos certainly boast different varieties of roulette games, blackjack, baccarat, and so on. But irrespective of which brick-and-mortar or online live casino section you choose to play, you are more likely to come across many variations of blackjack, as this happens to be the most commonly played classic card game than the others.

The basic guidelines of the blackjack variants accord for the major part. However, there are certain differences when it comes to “details.”

Precisely, these differences give every blackjack variation its unique twist, making it more interesting to enthusiasts who are looking to spice the game with their experience.

Having said that, blackjack fanatics often switch from land-based to online casino, as they not only offer a great selection of games but also are more convenient. Ever since gambling has come online, players have endorsed an extraordinary explosion of blackjack variations, with its own twists and oddities.

More prominently, these new variations help revitalize the interest by lending an additional level of enthusiasm. Today, we will highlight some of the best blackjack variations.

Most Commonly Played Blackjack Variations

These blackjack variations have created a great excitement among all blackjack admirers out there. They have sprung in recent years.

1. Blackjack Switch

Inventor – Geoff Hall
Year – 2009

This is one of the most fascinating blackjack variations, which features a choice of side bets. This actually boosts the entertainment value and enables players to switch cards to improve their strengths of the hands. The game gained popularity in 2009 after Geoff Hall invented it.

2. Double Exposure Blackjack

Inventor – Richard Epstein
Year – 1979

Richard Epstein, a well-known American logician and game theorist came up with this variant in October 1979. Initially, the game was called “Zwei Kartenspiel.” However, the title Double Exposure attracted more punters.

3. European Blackjack

Inventor – Not known
Year – Exists from the 17th century

This is one of the most prevalent variations of Blackjack and majorly follows the same rules as that of classic blackjack.

As the name implies, the game originated in Europe. The initial records date back to the early 17th century when Miguel de Cervantes, a well-known writer narrated the story of 2 extremely accomplished card players used to trick in the game of 21.

The game was played only in France, Germany, and Spain in those days. But it quickly gained popularity worldwide.

4. Pontoon

Inventor – David
Year – 300+ years old

This blackjack variation has a different counting system and is prevalent in the U.K. It derives most of its fundamental rules from the traditional game and even the goal accords with that of the typical blackjack because the players target in obtaining a total hand that is higher than that of the dealer, but without exceeding 21.

5. Multi-Hand Blackjack

Inventor – Vladimir Dunaevsky
Year – 2007

This variation is certainly packed with extra action and is widely enjoyed by players in different online casinos. Multi-hand blackjack increases the probabilities of dominating over the dealer. Therefore, it has more opportunities for any player to make profits.

This blackjack variant is getting more popular, as it lets players play up to 5 separate hands that are independent from each other, simultaneously. This play style has made it even more fascinating among blackjack players.

Take a glimpse of these blackjack games and diversify your sessions a little notch.

6. Jhandi Munda

This is a traditional game played by Indian gamblers. Jhandi Munda is one of the most well-known games that is so incorporated into the Indian culture since it has been played for a long time. Simultaneously, Jhandi Munda is played by every age group including old and young from all over India regardless of whether it is any rural area or some urban location.