Best free Android Video Players to watch Movies Online

For some people, watching movies online is a hobby. But the main problem they face is finding a practical application to stream their favorite content online. Today there are more mobile phone user compare to desktop users. It means from an android phone peoples are accessing web. Looking into this many Software Companies are with many free and paid Android Video Players to Watch Movies. Here is a list of some of the best apps that you can use to entertain yourself.

What is Video Streaming Technology?

Video Streaming is a technology using which we can watch videos under WAN or LAN. Our videos are nothing but the stream of continious images. In the matter to videos file size is larger. While we watch videos from other network at one turn it is difficut to load full video into the video player. That’s why partial loading concept comes in. There are various kinds of algorithm we follow for video streaming and buffering.

1. CyberFlix to watch Movies Online

After closing the Terrarium Tv, last year, people were hopeless about finding a better alternative to the Terrarium Tv. Hundreds of video streaming applications were released within the previous few months. But the only app that comes closest to the Terrarium TV is the CyberFlix application. All their movies and tv shows are with HD resolution. CyberFlix application is 100% safe and free to use. They have fastest streaming Sources available with no buffering. Enjoy the movie in your native language their application support more than 255+ global languages. At the same time, it is far better than all the apps I have listed here.

2. Android Video Player TeaTV

Even though the application was in the marketplace for a while, its popularity went up after shutting down the Terrarium TV application. TeaTV is a better alternative for the Cyberflix TV app. There is no reason for not trying TeaTV since it is a very prominent one. That is why I have listed it here as an alternative to the Cyberflix TV application.

3. TinyZone APK

Perhaps this is an excellent alternative to watch movies online. But we don’t have a big list to select. That doesn’t mean that Tinyzone Tv App is not a good app. Tinyzone offers its users an excellent entertainment experience with a neat interface and extended content library. Still, I would like to use a Tinyzone application to watch movies.

But if you have an intention to try other apps, then Tinyzone is not a bad idea. After downloading the app, you’ll be able to see all the trending and popular movies on the phone once you open it.

4. Video Player Kodi to watch Movies Online

If you want me to name an application that can be us to replace all the apps on this list, then I would like to suggest Kodi player without any hesitation. Kodi is the recommended app if you need to watch movies, TV shows, Sports, and others online. Kodi is an open-source project.

Since lots of volunteers worldwide contribute to developing the Kodi, you can expect frequent updates to the application. Also, this application supports vast devices like TV boxes, Smart TVs, Firestick devices, Windows, and even iOS devices.

5. MovieBox HD to watch Videos

Same as all the other free video streaming applications, you can use MovieBoxHD to watch movies and other stuff online for free. The features of the app are the same as other applications. The clean and neat interface allows anyone to use the form quickly, even for the first time they use it. For those reasons, I can say that MovieBox HD is an excellent alternative to Cyberflix APK.

6. Popcorn Time APK

The application is available for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. The ability to install on other platforms will be a piece of great news for non-Android users. While all the other applications flow through links from the web, Popcorn Time is like a Torrent client but with players who stream videos. If you have a chance, it is better to give a try to see what kinds of things the application offers to you.

7. Android Video Player Cinema HD

Same as all the other video streaming applications listed here, Cinema HD APK is also suitable for streaming video. Cinema APK is my favourite app after the Cyberflix TV application. That is why I listed it here. When speaking about the interface, Cinema APK has the best user interface. It will give you a better experience when watching movies online.