Time Management Skills – Tips to manage Time effectively

In your life to be a Successful personality Time Management is the key. Whether it’s the matter of Career or Business proper utilization of time returns Success. Due to many reasons sometimes we escape time but keep remember we can’t escape time. Time rotates Circular. Today or Tomorrow we have to replay time. Those who utilize time properly they suffer less compare to lazy fellows. Those who understood the value of time, no one can stop them to grow. Here let us share some of the Time Management Skills to manage time effectively.

Let’s talk about a situation where you have to deposit some money in a bank account on this Saturday. But in Saturday morning you found you are feeling lazy. After 5 working days today you have a leave. You need to take rest & you did so. It means here you escape time for 60 minutes. You know with in 60 minutes it can possible to visit the bank for deposit the amount but due to your laziness you didn’t did that. Look wisely on Monday morning you will get a call from the party about your failure commitment that you didn’t deposit the cash on Saturday. After that you need to go bank & you have to deposit the amount. To do so on Monday you again escape 60 minutes of your employer by visit the bank. At the end of the day you will found to stay a hour more to complete your job. This time you are borrowing 60 minutes from your personal time. Here I mean to say you can’t escape time ever. If you ignore it, it will show you bad results. In this world time is the most powerful element, if you walk with him you will stay happy else time will through you back.

Time Management is not an easy Job. To do proper time management knowledge is an essential key. In below let us discuss the tricks how can you walk with time to stay safe & happy.

Understood the Value of Time

World say’s “Time is Money“. Time generates productivity. Whether it’s your Corporate or Business use time properly. Don’t ever waste time. Starting from Childhood people takes time to understood the value of time. Until you understood this you can’t consider as a responsible personality. You may noticed one thing among two employees with same designation one comes early while the one works up to late night. This is because of who leave early he understood the value of time & utilizing his time in correct way. While the other one is working but not able to walk with time. Always effective time returns value. Here I want to advice you use your time effectively.

Plan your Time & divide it in Slots

To walk with time is the most challenging task in this world. Whether you overtake time or stay back both creates problem. That’s why to walk with time you required planning. According to your status & availability divide your time into slots & plan each slots well. To make you clear let us take an example of official life & family life. Nearly in everyone life these two are common. If you not plan properly you know your official time will disturbs your personal life. I mean to say if you are an employee divided your time to 2 slots. 9 am to 6 pm for office & rest for your family. In this way you can maintain proper balance. To effective your time for more productive once you are done with slots plan these slots well. According to the above example in office hours plan you time for meetings, working hours & leisure. When you are in home plan your time for your wife, kids & rest. In this way you can use your time better & no one will feel unhappy with you.

Prepare a TO-DO list to avoid loss of Time

In our day today life we have several works to render. Sometimes due to busy life we forget the things to do. In this case I will advice you to maintain a to-do list. Which saves time. Let’s talk about tomorrow. To prepare tomorrow to-do list you can do it in the last hours of today or in the first hours of tomorrow. But make sure before tomorrow journey you have your to-do list. While you left your home for office or business keep to-do list with you. To avoid time loss in between your regular job keep checking your to-do list at least once in every 3 hours.

Use Alarm

Today’s world is the digital world. To make you recall there are plenty of devices. Let’s take an example you have a meeting at office at 3 o clock. But for the day you are so busy with your developers team. You need to release project that’s why you are little more busy then the normal. In this case sometime we forgot time. To handle this kind of situations use Alarm. If you are using mobile phone, organizer or a computer set an alarm before 30 minutes to the event. In this way with all the busy schedule you will not miss the meeting.

Limit your time Boundary

Work is always there. How much you will work keep remember job is not going to finish ever. That’s why time boundary is a key to Successful Time Management. Don’t accept more jobs after your capability. It causes failure commitments. Before taking a task analyze well how much hours it will take you to finish. If you found the assigned job will take 2 hours to complete ask 3 hours to your boss. In this way you are safe with your commitments. In case you got delayed to completed the job in 2 hours its will not affect your deadline. You can complete the job in next 30 minutes & can deliver this in time boundary. So decide your time boundary before into any deal.

Target to be Early

Here let us take an example of an Interview. You informed by the Company HR that you have an interview tomorrow at 3 pm. You plan to travel the interview location by your Car. The distance of your residency & company is 3 kilometers. What you planned when you will leave your home towards interview? If you will leave at 2:30 pm it may you will get late. In such case keep time in advance. Plan to leave at 2 o clock. So that if 30 minutes will go in travel (May due to rush of traffic) still you have another 30 minutes to reach the interviewer. In this 30 minutes you need to calculate security checking, parking time & resume submission before your interview.

Prioritize your Time

To win Success in Time Management it must required to Prioritize you time slots. There are several works we do in a day or a month or a year. Always in your planning check the priority of job you added into your to-do list. In case you found your time limit is less than the jobs you have. Adjust your time with low priority jobs first. For an example in tomorrow evening you have several works including a doctor visit for your kids & to buy vegetables. Tomorrow when you come back from office you found some other works you have to render. You have loss of 30 minutes time. In this case from “a doctor visit for your kids” & “to buy vegetables” you have to ignore one. Here priority comes. Doctor visit for your kid is more prior than buying vegetables. So in this case you can ignore buying vegetables in place of doctor visit. During you return from doctor you can purchase meals for your family.

Batch similar tasks together

In your working environment practice to batch similar tasks together. It saves time & make jobs easy. Unless there are sufficient reasons don’t keep your tasks in hold. I mean if you are preparing a report, prepare it & take the printout in the end. Here if you hold printing later it will take more time to complete the job.

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