Possible HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

In Software industry 3 rounds of Interview’s are very common. Once your profile get shortlisted in first round technical panel judge your Capability. Once you clear technical round 2nd round is a discussion with higher management or the Customer. It can be Technical too. But the final round is always HR interview. It was noticed many Candidates get rejected in HR interview. As we are thinking it not so easy to hack HR interview questions. It my words this is the most critical part of the Complete interview process. Starting from your Career documents to Non-discloser agreement (NDA) all you need to verify and sign here. You need to submit photo copies or need to sign the offer letter as your Acceptance. In CMM Level 5 Companies HR round takes a day. To bring success in your Final round HR interview here we are sharing the possible HR interview Questions and Answers. These set of question can helpful for both Freshers and Experienced professionals.

1. Give us your introduction.

Nearly in all HR interview this is the first question. Start with you education then go for your professional experiences in short. Finally speak about your family and family members. Don’t take much time with you 3 to 4 minutes try to introduce your self better.

2. Why should we hire You?

With this answer explain your qualities. Tell the HR how you are unique from other professionals. For the vacancy how you skills are suitable. What are the positive things attracted you for this job.

3. Why you prefer our Company to work together?

Start replaying with products of Company. Show up your interest towards Technologies. Tell him/her how this job can help you to achieve your Career dream. If the job is in your local city tell them about the transportation facility. If any of your friends or x-colleagues working in that company here share their reference.

4. Show me all your Career documents.

In this matter any thing can happen. Even HR can reject you for invalid documents or experiences. Positively two days before prepare all your documents ready. Take xerox of all documents in 2 sets. Keep passport size photos with you. In case you are missing with any document arrange it before HR interview. If you required some time to arrange any document prepare undertaking for that. Sign and keep it with you document file.

5. Are you ready to work in shifts or Night Shift?

Generally IT Companies like to work in shifts. If you found the above question replay wisely. In replay don’t refuse directly. If you are bachelor and free to work in shift tell Yes or else if you are married tell the HR if required or depending upon the priority I can work in shift. This is a tricky question to know your availability.

6. Are you free to reallocate?

It’s depends upon your Social living. In case you are married or your kids are taking education Communicate this fact to the HR. Replay him/her politely that by default I am not willing to reallocate. Depending upon priority if any thing will come on the way definitely I will reallocate.

7. How do you feel about work under pressure?

This question helps to judge your patience. Tell the HR yes I am ok to work under pressure. But it must be for a certain period of time. I mean in case for the week of release. But regular attitude to work under pressure can distrube my social living.

8. Where you want to watch you in coming 5 years?

This question is to know your Career ambition. While replaying this question present your Career dream. I mean if you are selected for a Software engineer tell the HR in next 5 years I want to be a successful team lead. This answer makes clear that you have long term career plan.

9. What makes you angry?

Here hide your negative qualities. Tell them generally I hate angriness. I am a cool person.

10. After Offer how long you will work with us.

During interview process Company invest a lot. That’s why this question. If you are getting the same question in your HR interview simply replay “Will work for your Company in Long term”. What ever your Career plan keep it with you. Don’t ever expose that if you will get better opportunity you will change the job. Here few HR’s ask why you left your previous organization in short duration? In this point replay cleverly. Tell them such a problem which is acceptable. Generally 2 kind of replay is ok for this question. One is environment problem and other one can be that you are not getting opportunity to work latest technologies.

11. Tell me something about our Company.

As I told above before HR interview go through the Company website. Know their products and services. In repay Start with how old the Company is. What are the benefits you will get as an employee. What are their products and services. If you got an opportunity to work with them how you will get scope to work with your suitable Skills.

12. How much Salary do you expect from us?

Generally this answer is “Negotiable”. Or else you can ask for 10 to 20 percent hike from your previous salary. If you want to left this with HR. Tell them “I am looking for a better Career growth, hope this I will get in your Company. Please look at my previous salary and let company decided what can be my package”.

13. Why did you resign your previous job?

Here show positive reasons. In case due to an accidental behavior if you left your previous company keep that hide. Normally in your replay present valid reasons. All companies are interconnected. If you explain something bad about your previous organization it can happen the same story you can repeat here. Still if there is any major concern which can’t be hided show that to HR. Keep remember today third party vendors are checking your Certificates and experiences. So try to avoid lie here.

14. Why you worked for so many Companies?

This is a very tricky question. I this session give valid reasons. Few of the valid reasons are location change, health issues, Transfer in Father’s job or not getting job satisfaction. Don’t say the same reason for 2 companies. Show different different reasons why you left your previous organization. Never tell Salary issue. If you are telling for Salary reason you change the job. It may the HR will think tomorrow if any other company providing better salary this person can left our Company.

15. Give me 2 reference from your previous Company.

In this case HR want to judge your Organizational relationship. Here always give reference of your reporting manager and the colleague to whom you obey as your best friend. After you competed your HR interview make a call to the references and tell them that may the Company HR will call them to know about you. Request them to share positive feedback about you.

16. Why there is Gap in your Career?

If you have Gap in your Career whether its the matter of experience or education always show valid reasons. In the matter of experience if the gap is more than 1 year try to show this 1 year for study or training. Study or training will not come under countable experience but it can clear gap duration. Gap in career is like a black patch. Many candidates show fake experience to cover gap period. Avoid this habits. Companies like InfoSys, Wipro or TCS doing strong background checking. In case they found fake documents or experience then the Company will fire you. In IT job Stay genuine do genuine.

17. Do you have any question for me?

Mostly the last question every HR ask is “Do you have any question for me?”. This is a way through which you can know your selection is done or not done. Don’t ask directly that “Is I am selected?”. Ask if I will get opportunity to work with your Company in which project or how kind of job I will work. If HR is replaying positive you can know that you are selected. Or else ask to know more about their Company.

Additional Tips for your HR interview

  • Wear professional Costume. Avoid Jeans or T-shirts with Caption.
  • Visit Company website and Collect more information’s about the Company.
  • Reach the interview before time. Never get delay. If interview is at 12pm reach the location before 11:45am.
  • At the end of your HR round interview wish them thanks for their time.

The above Possible HR Interview Questions will help you to hack the Final Round. Share us.