Main Problems Encountered when Writing a Psychology Dissertation

Writing a psychology dissertation brings many troubles to the students. This is dissertation is the longest piece of writing they have ever encountered in their whole educational life. Several genuine reasons make a psychology dissertation problematic for the students but sometimes their personal lacking also makes it difficult for them to cope with this lengthy task.

What Skills Do Students Lack While Writing a Psychology Dissertation?

Students mostly become stressed right after being assigned with a psychology dissertation and loss their courage to get started. This is because of the presumed fear that students have in their mind for the dissertation writing since always. Due to this fear, they started lacking in the essential skills which they need the most to do their psychology dissertations, i.e.


Writing a psychology dissertation takes several months to be completed. It requires consistency which students mostly lack. Working long hours on research frustrates the students and breaks their consistency.

Constant Dedication

Coping with this academic challenge requires 24/7 dedication. You need to be flexible with your time, which means, you should always be ready to pen down the ideas whenever they hit your mind.

A psychology dissertation requires keen observation of the human psyche, so you must keep your dissertation topic in your mind so that you can get ideas from your surroundings. Most of the students lack this dedication.

Interest and Focus

Students usually do their dissertation considering it a burden instead of showing interest in it. The lack of interest is directly proportional to the lack of focus. So, as a result, they keep losing their concentration while working on the psychology dissertation.

A Spirit of Hard Work

Students should show a spirit of hard work to complete their dissertation but unfortunately, most of the students keep thinking of escape plans so that they can be saved from doing their dissertation.


While writing a psychology dissertation, students suffer disturbed psychology themselves. Lack of self-motivation doesn’t let them do their work with passion.

What Problems Do Students Face While Writing Phycology Dissertation?

Due to the lack of the above-mentioned skills and some other genuine reasons, students encounter a number of problems while writing their psychology dissertations. Some of the major problems they faced are discussed below.

1. Topic Selection

Many students find it difficult to come up with a topic having vast scope and purpose, for their psychology dissertation. They seek suggestions, find help and search for the psychology dissertation topics to elect a worthy one, which can be easily approved and comprehensively addressed.

2. Approval of the Proposal

Almost all the students face problems in getting their dissertation proposal approved by the professor. Sometimes due to the lack of guidelines and sometimes the lack of time, students are unable to fulfill the teachers requirements and failed to meet their expectations in their proposal. Consequently, their psychology dissertation proposals get rejected.

3. Time Management Techniques

Time management is one of the biggest issues in dissertation writing. Students should start earlier with their research to avoid panic at the last moment. But they don’t distribute their time properly from the very start and at last, they face time management issues.

Some students face this problem due to their jobs and some, due to social responsibilities. They find it difficult to work on their psychology dissertation according to a fixed schedule and that’s why they often failed to meet the deadline. Most of the students prefer to take psychology dissertation help to cope with the time management problem.

4. Getting Participants for the Qualitative Research

The students who want to proceed with the qualitative method of research for their psychology dissertation face problems in getting participants for the interviews.

Similarly, the participants for the group discussions have different free slots and it takes so long to gather them all at one place at one time. This is the genuine reason which is not in the hands of the students but annoys them the most.

5. Collection and the Connection of the Literature

To collect the relevant literary texts for the literature review and to build a connection between them is also problematic for the students. This is because it requires thorough research, a lot of reading, and consistency which students lack.

That’s why they face problems in comprehending the literature and collecting the relevant idea from them. Also, comparing them to find research gaps also bother the students.

6. Forming a Summary for Conclusion

The conclusion of the dissertation holds a complete summary of the whole research and findings. It is another big problem for the students which they face while writing psychology dissertations.

It is so confusing for them how to comprise all the important factors in a few pages. It’s definitely challenging to summarize a 5,000 or 80,000-word count document, in a few pages.

7. Meeting the Required Word Counts

No matter how dense research students have done, still it will be difficult for them to write thousands of words in their dissertation. This problem is so exhausting and sucks all the rain cells of a student.

8. Referencing and Citation

Students do not have proper guidelines at an initial stage about the referencing styles. The problem is that they cannot submit their dissertation without proper references of the used sources and the absence of knowledge lead them to panic.


Here is a detailed discussion of both the problems the students face when writing a psychology dissertation and also their major reasons. Students should enhance their writing skills to avoid these problems and also try to overcome other difficulties by finding some sort of alternatives.