Looking for Life Partner try Marriage Matching Techniques

Marriages are made in heaven. This adage has been used ever since civilized society adopted the institution of marriage. The adage explains succinctly the limitations of human endeavors in formalizing the union of two souls in wedlock. Conservatives in any society accept male female relationships only after the ritualistic culmination of wedding procedures. Emergence of emphasis on individualistic rights overriding age old moralistic conventions has certainly dented the otherwise robust frame of marriage as universal institution. New age liberals have rejected the tradition of marriage. These social revolutionaries have devised the concept of live-in relationships, rejecting marriage as a custom. The rejection also symbolizes, in their view, disregard for adherence to the prevailing social value system. However the marriage system is still occupying a very important place in societies, where family is regarded as a cohesive unit. Even today majority of the world population believes very much in marriages. We can suggest if you are Looking for Life Partner do Horoscope Matching for Marriage.

All civilizations and communities have treated the subject of marriage with due respect. Till the beginning of twentieth century marriage was considered as – once in a lifetime – affair. Hence the importance of choosing a right or perfect match for eligible boys and girls was given due emphasis. Parents of marriageable boys and girls, social elders tried to devise certain norms for making the match as successful as possible. Certain people were respected for their skills in match making. These people used astrological data for making hypotheses. The hypotheses were swiftly converted into inviolable rules. The compatibility of the bride and groom was decided by deciphering these rules. Meanwhile, social reformers highlighted the need to look into other areas of bridal match making. Physical and emotional compatibility certainly plays an important role in deciding the degree of fulfillment and success in partners in wedlock.

The art and science of marriage matching have following compatibility aspects:

  • Horoscopes
  • Medical Details
  • Emotional Quotient Tests
  • Congruence Values


Most civilizations have relied to compatibility testing of astrological charts of bride and groom. The chart, also known as Horoscope or Kundli is one of the most powerful elements of marriage matching techniques. The horoscope uses time, date and also location of individual at the time of birth, for deciphering the planetary positions. Indian astrology is characterized by the concept of horoscope, which is presenting the planets in twelve divisions on a paper. The placements of Mars, Saturn and certain constellations have an inescapable effect on congeniality of the horoscope. Each attribute in the horoscope is given a fixed weightage as per norms. Additionally, complex calculations involving combinational algorithms are done by experts to arrive at a compatibility score of the two charts. If the score falls below halfway mark the duo is treated as imperfect match.

Medical Details

The twentieth century saw peoples’ faith in science going high. The educated class felt the need to use the tool of medical tests on the bride to be and groom to be for medically deciding the desirability of such a union. Testing of blood groups, pathological tests, screening tests for various organs, are recommended. Gynecological tests can also be undertaken by consent. Presence of hereditary or chronic or temporary diseases or disorders can be easily detected through these tests. More and more of enlightened boys and girls opt for these tests. This is a very sensible way of answering doubts in the minds of all concerned individuals. The spread of AIDS like disease can certainly be contained through medical tests.

Emotional Quotient Tests

Prospective brides and grooms are advised to approach experts to decide about emotional compatibility of their future partners. A marriage can be truly successful only if both partners are perfectly at ease emotionally with each other. There are cases in history, where failure of marriage was attributed to the non congruence of emotional attributes. The Emotional Quotient Tests are conducted on individuals by marriage counselors, who have studied psychology and social science. Abilities and traits are studied and analyzed for both partners. Finally the desirability of proposed union is judged.

Congruence Values

Marriage matching can have another dimension. All conceivable parameters of an individual are listed. Race, community, religion, language, education, job, location, eating habits, social environment, adaptability, strong likes / dislikes and many more elements are covered in this omnibus section. Some empirical observations give a tentative idea about the match. If the difference lies within acceptable range, then the twosome are expected to have a happy married life.

Finally, again, any pair can succeed in marriage, if they love each other and continue to love each other. No power can separate them. Conversely, a pair with cent percent success in all above tests can fail, if element of love is missing. The message is clear. Love, respect and understanding only can make wonders in a marriage.