How to motivate Students to learn new Concepts?

Art of motivating people is a highly valuable skill in modern day corporate culture. Since, every teacher is supposed to be good manager also, motivating students to learn, becomes his or her challenging task. However, it is not that simple, when it comes to learning new concepts. Following are some of the salient ways, how teachers can effectively motivate students in learning new ideas.

Relate to real Life

Even the most distracted student will be attracted to an idea or concept, if it is presented in a way, where it can be related to a real life situation. So more and more scenarios should be developed in, presentations enabling students to relate with the same and grasp easily. If new concept pertains to development of a product, then it will be advisable to present pictures and illustration of finished product and how these new concepts will help in its production. However if new concepts relate to social sciences, more and more examples from its implementation in real life would be required in order to keep audience interest alive.

Use Technology

It is a common observation that students of this digital era, learn more from present day gadgets than books alone Use of technology, therefore is important, if new concepts are being presented. Simple writing and explanation on board lacks “fun and cool” factor which is so attractive to new generation. They both enjoy and learn if ideas and concepts are presented through computers, smart boards, videos and other audio visual means.


Rewards and incentives have always been motivators for students to learn. Acknowledgments in shapes of prizes and appreciation certificates go a long way in motivating students to learn quickly in order to perform better. When new concepts or ideas are being introduced in class, initially enthusiasm should be spread like virus that this new idea or concept must be clearly understood by everyone. Later, students involvement must be galvanized by offering some incentives to those who understand it completely and clearly and would explain it to fellow students in most effective manner. It is not necessary to give cash or material awards .Other incentives which are not monetized will also work, which include Choosing one’s own seat in the class for a day, sit at the teacher’s desk for 15 minutes and awarding title “Cool person of the day”. The intrinsic human urge of being made prominent among other fellows, can easily be satisfied by these small measures and make students eager to learn new concepts better and quicker than others.

Involve Students by Giving Control

It is a common observation that one feels highly motivated, if instead of being spectator to a lecture, one is involved in the learning process by having control in hand.

Students should be encouraged to reinforce the lesson through their own contribution about a new concept being introduced in class. This, they might do by using internet, making their own brief presentations and explaining it to class.A debate afterwards, with question and answer session, will further motivate them.