Use Cornstarch or hairdryer know how to Soften the back of new Shoes

The back of your new shoes can be too stiff, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful to wear. How do you soften the back of new shoes? There are many things that people do, but there are also some steps that one could take that would help them wear their new shoes comfortably without them hurting them. How does one go about doing this? We will tell you how.

Do you advise using a hairdryer?

People tend to use a hairdryer or put on socks and then run the shoes underwater for about 20 minutes. This method works, but it will not last long as the stiff leather of your shoe back will start to harden again after some time has passed, especially if you wear them regularly.

How can one prevent this from happening? How can they go about softening their new shoes backs so that they would be comfortable enough all day? It is pretty easy! Read on to know what steps you could take:

Tips to Soften the back of new Shoes

1. Use Hand Sanitizers to soften your new Shoes

The first tip we have regarding how to soften your new shoes backs is by using hand sanitizers such as Purell, which contains alcohol in its formula. You can use the gel on your new shoes backs and then leave them to dry overnight.

How does this work? – The alcohol content of these hand sanitizers helps break down the material that makes up the back of your shoe which means it would become softer after some time passes, making wearing your new shoes more comfortable for you.

How long will it take? – It could take about a whole week or two until you can see an improvement in their softness but keep in mind that if you only treat them now and again, instead of regularly using Purell on them, there is no guarantee that they would be as nice-feeling as when you first bought them.

2. Use Shoe Stretchers

The next tip we have concerns what types of things you could use to soften the back of your new shoes. How does one go about doing this? How can they make their lives easier so that wearing these new shoes would be more comfortable for them?

You should turn to shoe stretchers that are easy to find online, especially on Amazon, where specialized products are designed explicitly for easing the backs of stiff-feeling footwear.

Shoe stretchers help widen and lengthen the inside of a pair of tight or uncomfortable shoes, making them roomier than before. How do they work exactly, though?

Well, firstly, you have to take off both shoelaces from your new pair of dress heels or boots, then put them in either warm water with some baking soda added too for 20 minutes or in a tub with two pairs of white socks.

How does this work? – It softens the leather to become more stretchable so you can fit your feet into them without feeling uncomfortable! How long will stretching take? Stretching usually takes about 15 minutes but if you are not satisfied, leave the shoes to soak for longer until they have softened up enough.

3. Use baking Soda and water to soften your new Shoes

What can one do after adding water and baking soda to their new pair of dress heels or boots? How should one start using shoe stretchers on these stiff-feeling footwear items?

Well, firstly, make sure that there is no residue left before putting them back inside. Now put both shoelaces back on loosely, which means looping each lace around the opposite one before tying it up. How does this work? It would make the shoes’ backs wider, and then you put them on with a gentle stretching motion until they fit perfectly.

How long will fitting take? – You can expect to wait for up to an hour since shoe stretchers help ease the leather of your new pair of dress heels or boots, but after that time goes by, your footwear items should be roomier than ever before, making wearing them comfortable again.

4. Use Cornstarch

Another thing we have found out about is how you could soften the back of your new shoes by using cornstarch, which would also get rid of any unpleasant odors in these uncomfortable-feeling footwear pairs.

How does one go about turning their nose from bad smells and making their lives easier when wearing new shoes? How can they enjoy breathing in the fresh air and having a clean-smelling pair of dress heels or boots instead, even if these items are not that old yet?

You could sprinkle cornstarch on the back of your new footwear, which would absorb any unpleasant smells.

How does this work, though? It is pretty easy, really: all you need to do is put some baking soda inside each shoe before closing them up.

How long will applying powder take for one’s new dress heels or boots so that they become comfortable enough after wearing them at least once already? It would help if you left both pairs overnight with plenty of paper towels placed under them so the baking soda wouldn’t create any mess.

How does this work? – It would help absorb moisture and any unpleasant smells, which means you can wear your new shoes the next day! How long will it take to make them fit better than before after applying powder?

You should expect to wait for about two days – but once you notice an improvement in their softness, we recommend that you continue putting on shoe stretchers regularly. Hence, they stay as nice and soft and not as stiff as when they first came out of the box.

In the End

We hope our above-mentioned hacks and tips come in handy and that at least one helps soften up back parts of new shoes enough or makes wearing these more comfortable for those who have bought a pair recently, whether it has been dress heels or boots or leather shoes.