New Runner? Stick with the Top Running Shoes this Season

Worried of monsoon attack on your daily work out schedule at open field? Or are you lost in deep cogitation on harbouring a credible solution to keep your running in motion even in heavy downpour?… Well, it’s a genuine problem indeed! However, you can still combat heavy downpour and not let it disturb the daily rhythm of life if accompanied by essential outfits! What could that be? You must be thinking! Well, it’s a pair of good waterproof running shoes and hooded sweatshirts, enough to battle against the season obstacle!

Triggered by rain, dirt and infection, a sudden mis-coordination of the regular rhythm of life–is not unaware to us at Monsoon! Which impacts all types of daily chores, starting from regular shopping to care of regular fitness. However, if you’re a fitness freak who enjoys nature’s company better than 4 walls of gym, they became the dominant scapegoat of the season! But you can still armour the obstacle! For that you have to buy a pair of waterproof and resistance endurant running shoes along with a raincoat!

If you get a bit perplexed on the benefits of a good running shoes or which brand you should purchase, a roster of 5 top brands that designs the best sports shoes have been penned down eventually. But before you hit that section you must also adhere to some pointers while purchasing one. By the way, you can twirl your mind to online shopping for a running shoe as you may encounter a vigorous percentage of using coupons codes. For example, you may redeem a 50-70% rebate on Adidas new arrivals using Adidas India coupons and promo codes. In the same way, there are plenty of akin benefits, we will unfold one after one!

Things you must remember before purchasing a running shoes for Monsoon Albeit, the season will flee after two months but you may descry for the one which collates endurance benefits throughout the year.

Comfort and Flexibility

First and foremost, everyone must follow while purchasing a new running shoe. You may put your feet inside the pair after getting the packet in hand and walk for a few minutes and then validate it’s comfort; that is whether you’re getting a pressure around the feet or ample space for ventilation exists.

On the other hand, take any one of the pairs in your hand and bend in an arc. Compare the intensity of bending and then be definite on it’s overall quality. More it bends, the more flexible it will be, you must know the fact.

Sole Resistance and Gripping Power

Here, you’ve first scrutinized the sole thickness and softness in naked eyes. Use your fingers to assume it’s softness, after you predict a fair idea, have a look at the gripping syntax. If the sole is of parallel and homogenous gripping texture, the shoe isn’t an endurant one, but if the texture is in block pattern, or multi stipped and heterogeneous pattern, then be definite of it’s long resistance without a doubt.

Resistance to Vulnerability

No one buys anything frequently; being it a new shoe or something else. Hence, before spending your bucks first you ensure it’s overall resistance power. That is, whether it’s slip resistant or resistant to losing debris while you’re on trek or similar situation. Hence, roll your gaze on the overall sole as well body resistance of the shoe before you bring it home.

Spaciousness and Ability to Fungal Infection

This is one of the important aspects which is tough to trace initially. Therefore, popular sports brands play an important role to mark this. Sports shoes from Nike, Puma are not just made of such synthetic, leather or mesh which are general fungus preventives. To disinter more of the fact, pay a crucial attention to the upside sole cover and check it’s quality. Then proceed with the good one. Remember, lots of fungal diseases start from feet, especially during the monsoon. Hence, be specific to brands.

Top 5 Runnings Shoes for both Current Season and Year

1. Adidas

The brand itself is enough to put a full stop against all verbose anecdotes. Available in a flair of types and materials such as mesh, synthetic and skin friendly rubber or leather any running shoe from Adidas will never make you upset. Moreover, painted with fresh colours such as dusky grey partnered with a white patch, neon blue, lime green sprees a fragrance of freshness while you’re at heavy cardio workout either at gym or a park. Albeit, bit expensive for both men and women, but it’s truly worthy in terms of long term resistance.

Some of the top models include:

  • Unisex Running Shoes | Green and White
  • Men Novar Running Shoes | White and Orange
  • Men Stipped Racard Running Shoes | Black

You can grab any of these designs either using Adidas coupon to redeem at least 50% discount or at Myntra site which endows a minimum of 30% off to all these.

2. Puma

Running shoes in the meshy texture of Puma have always been in maxim hype. Hence for the season as well you can proceed without a single doubt in mind. It is the best choice while you are on a monsoon trek. Spacious comfort and fitting, and impressing sole gripping will paint your trip as most successful. And due to knitting through vibrant texture, it’s an all time suggestion for your foot’s health.

Here are the top models you must try:

  • Women Meshy Renew running shoes | Grey, handy at 15% offer Price
  • Force Knit IDP shoes | blue| Rs. 4799, handy at 55% discount Offer
  • UNISEX NRGY Slip on | Black mesh

Use coupons and active promo codes to redeem reliable discounts of at least 50% cashback.

3. Rebook

One of the top choices for athletes around the world! Fantastic sole thickness and soil gripping tenacity along with a symmetrical balance of colors to all models make the brand all time favorite. Hence, you may pick any trending model to examine its potency for the upcoming sports event. If you wish to be lucky enough you may also redeem a flat 60% discount on its exclusive models.

Here are some example of top models:

  • Men stipped LP running shoes| Black, 35% Off
  • Men Lux LP running shoes| Grey, 35% Off

4. Nike

What? Do you need any introduction? You know, it’s a little expensive but in terms of performance, it’s beyond explanation. Therefore, irrespective of genres and age, try a Nike model if you want to let your foot stand upon the sole of coziness and utmost comfort.

Here are few best models:

  • Men’s Running shoes | Navy blue available at 45% offer Price
  • Softride Running Shoes for Women | Cream & Pastel, at 40% Off
  • Unisex striedr V1 Shoes | Grey


For generations we know what a shoe from ASICS is all about. Not only it’s just affordable for a middle class’ range but it’s endurance, resistance and performance is just overwhelming. Moreover, it’s hard sole makes it one of the most favorite choices among trekkers and rock climbers. You may redeem a maximum of 50% discount price trending for the season.

Thus, I hope this terse informative blog will help you recognize top models and brands while being ready for a purchase of a new pair. At the same time, keep searching for trending offers at affiliated coupon websites and snap back as lucrative discounts as you can.