A Guide to Taking your Kids to a Live Sporting Events

If you’re a huge sports fan it’s only natural to want to get your kids involved. It’s great to watch sporting events on the TV, but it doesn’t come close to the experience of a real live event. You may have a sport that you’re passionate about, but there are a wide range of others you can also enjoy and introduce your family to. Going to live sporting events as a family means you’re creating memories. However, there may also be certain elements of such events you want to shelter them from. Here are some tips to ensure you all have a great time.

Spend a Little Extra for the Best Seats

We’re not talking top of the range director’s box or paying for tickets that cost a week’s salary. However, it is worth spending a little bit extra and allowing you and your family to enjoy the event without having to worry about over exuberant fans and having beer spilt down the back of your neck. WWE tickets, for example, are available at a range of different prices.

Pick Seats Near the Aisle

Not only will this allow you a quick exit when the game is over. It also means you can sneak out to the toilet without having to ask other fans to keep moving. The last thing you want is for your little one to have an accident because you’ve got to negotiate your way pass hoards of other people. Most kids are going to need to go to the bathroom at least once.

Snacks and Drinks

When your little one sees everyone around them munching on caramel covered popcorn and other unhealthy snacks they’re bound to want a piece of the action. Stave off having to visit the hotdog stand by bringing along your own healthy snacks. It will also keep them occupied, so that you can give the match your attention. It’s not usual for stadiums to allow spectators to bring in their own beverages but you may find they make an exception for young members of the audience.

How you’re Going to get there and Leave

You might be wondering why this might be an issue, but you do need to think about whether you’re going to drive or use public transportation. Most sporting venues have good links with various types of public transport, either buses or trains. However, it does mean you’ll have to be prepared to walk a fair distance. Taking a stroller with you is not always an option, due to stairs, tight spaces and lack of places for storage.

As well as taking something for your kids to eat and drink there are a few other basic needs you might want to cover. Sunscreen and sun hat are going to be good if the venue is an outside one. Protective earphones can be used for those who might be sensitive to the loud noises. Warm clothing is needed because stadiums are often cooler than the outside area.

Before you attend your chosen sporting event either go to the stadium or arena or visit its website and see what facilities there are for children. There might be a play area to visit and certain seating areas may be more child-friendly.