All about the Snowplace of India – Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha – when we became more acquainted with this trek, we headed out to see the wandering upper Himalayan Ranges experiencing snowfall on the extremely following day. So indeed, this was an unrehearsed outing with no trekking networks. Maybe we went with a neighborhood guide, which I feel was more encouraging as it was just me and my dear companions, making the trek significant. Likewise, it was my companion’s birthday too, which we celebrated on top of the highest point, among our dear companions. It was a serious experience.

The following is the aide that covers all parts of the trek. Assuming you need to go alone, or with a neighborhood guide or with a trekking association, this aide will help in the arranging of your outing better, alongside what all you need to pack for it. It likewise takes care of different viewpoints like expense and the stay alternatives.

Suitable Time for Kedarkantha Trek

December to March

I’m proposing these months as you will track down the Himalayan reaches at its best with snow-covered pinnacles and snow pathways. The trees are canvassed in white snow patches, making it seem as though Christmas trees. The image beneath will get the job done the thinking

Presently it doesn’t care for Kedakrkantah ought to just be visited during these months, notwithstanding, Kedarkantha is popular for its snow and winter sees and subsequently I enthusiastically prescribe you to go here throughout the colder time of year season.

Despite the fact that Kedarkantha trek happens all around the year. During different months which are between May to November, you will cross glades and dry grounds. Be that as it may, the perspectives from the culmination will stay excellent regardless of it.


Kedarkantha is certifiably not a hard trek. Throughout the mid year season, it is appraised as a simple one and during the winters it is evaluated as a moderate trek. I know many individuals who have done this trek solo and furthermore in a day! Be that as it may, in case you are not a mountain climber who has done both BMC and AMC I would say not to chance yourself. Mountains are wonderful yet additionally a rash advance can make it risky also.

The Kedarkantha trek begins at around 6,000 ft and ascends to 12,500 ft. The trek to Kedarkantha moves at an agreeable speed, and you gain just around 1500 ft consistently. Indeed, even the path isn’t hard to climb. For the most part you would need to cross woodland regions which are all around checked and surprisingly solo trekkers can explore the path without any problem.

The move to the Kedarkantha highest point is canvassed in snow in winter and this may be somewhat precarious without an aide.

Birthday Celebrations

Is it the birthday of your adored one? Yet, how might somebody get a cake during the trek or in camps where there is no commercialisation at all?

We thought something very similar, however when our Guide Bhaiya became more acquainted. They let us know that there is a choice of pre-requesting it and preparing and amazing the individual with this.

Valuable Essentials for Kedarkantha Trek

Since the temperature goes down to negative 10 degrees and furthermore the spot is segregated, it will be ideal to have the basics for this trek. I’m additionally offering connections to a few items that would help in your buys.


We wore 6 layers of comfortable garments. Indeed, it was simply cold.

Warm Inners – This ought to be your base layer and have a decent quality warm to wear for this one. Thermals trap your body hotness and keep you warm. Further, they don’t accept that much space also in your knapsack

Wool – Fleece is an incredible way of shielding you from cold.

Down Jackets – Have a decent warm down coat that is water safe just as withstands negative temperatures. This aides in additional catching of the hotness

Trekking Shoes – This is extremely fundamental, particularly in case you will trek Kedarkantha in the colder time of year. Guarantee that you have appropriate winter shoes that have a hold in the snow. My #1 one is beneath that I wear in every one of the treks

Windproof/Waterproof Track Pants – Your brushes are exceptionally inclined down to getting wet as you would need to stroll in snowfall. Or then again more terrible, in case you are going during the rainstorm season

A Raincoat or Poncho – If it begins to snow, you would require a raincoat or a waterproof shell to try not to get wet. Envision the mix of being wet and cold simultaneously. Awful! You would likewise require a downpour cover for your knapsack in case it isn’t waterproof.

Gloves/Muffler/Woolen Cap – All these are fundamental. During treks, particularly in winters, keep your head covered. Further, the right gloves will guarantee that your hands don’t get wet because of snow. Try not to wear woolen gloves as it traps water and will, thusly, cause you to feel colder

Socks – something like 5 to 6 sets; now and again you may need to wear a twofold pair to keep warm. Merino fleece is awesome and the hottest socks that I have attempted recently.