What are the Top Health Insurance Plans to Purchase this Year?

Medical insurance is insurance coverage that acts as a financial tool by offering protection against losses or medical expenses incurred when coping with an illness, a chronic ailment, or injury. The last year or so has clearly magnified the importance of healthcare for everyone since the pandemic has led to emergencies and hardships for innumerable individuals across the globe. A sound health insurance policy is the need of the hour in these uncertain times and will offer an added layer of financial protection for the future. Here are some of the key benefits of buying top health insurance plans:

  • Financial relief against medical inflation in the economy
  • Coverage for unforeseen hospital expenses
  • Coverage for critical illnesses
  • Protection above corporate health insurance
  • Cashless claim services

There is an array of potential top health insurance plans to choose from; here are 4 of them explained to give you a brief idea of the best options for this year.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

It is no surprise to see Senior Citizen Health Insurances ranking as one of the top health insurance plans. Individuals above the age of 61 are vulnerable to diseases and illnesses as they grow older. This is precisely why this type of insurance is so widely sought after for all individuals who fall in this bracket. In addition to the standard features of any health insurance, these policies include additional benefits such as free health checkups, AYUSH treatments, high coverage, and customization benefits.

Family Floater Insurance

As the name suggests, Family Floater Health Insurance policies have grown as one of the top health insurance plans due to their family-friendly features and conditions. In addition, a Family Floater Health Insurance Plan is advantageous & cost-effective for families since the premium is comparatively more economical compared to Individual Health Insurance policies. Individuals exploring this option can consider including their spouse, children, and elderly parents in a Family Floater Health Insurance. Due to its dynamic and flexible nature, it is an extremely popular option for young families and older families alike.

Critical Illnesses Insurance Plan

‘Critical Illnesses’ are those that are classified as life-threatening. Fatal diseases such as stroke, cancer, paralysis, coma, and major organ transplants are clubbed under this category. These diseases have an adverse effect on an individual’s well-being and require swift care and attention. By covering these fatal diseases, makes this type one of thetop health insurance plans in India.

In this plan, the insured is reimbursed after the illness is diagnosed. It comprises costs varying from diagnoses and medication to recuperation expenses. If anything, the past year has been a clear indicator of how medical emergencies arise unexpectedly, so it makes sense to insure oneself against common critical illnesses.

Maternity Health Insurance Plans

A Maternity Insurance Plan is commonly provided as an add-on or additional rider along with the main insurance policy – this helps in lowering the burden on the individual’s pocket. Since it is an add-on, its popularity is quite high in the case of young families. This medical insurance plan in India includes expenses relating to both standard baby delivery methods – caesarean and normal delivery.

All the costs incurred in the three primary stages – the prenatal stage, delivery, and the post-natal stage are insured. Since these policies are highly recommended for newly married couples and young families, they are some of the top health insurance plans in India. Another key factor to note is the average young age of the Indian population – clearly indicating a high birth rate.

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