What you Can expect after Fitting a Contraceptive Coil?

Do you experience some symptoms similar to periods such as bleeding and stomach cramps after fitting a contraceptive coil? If yes, then you may find that the cramps will continue for a few hours or days and the bleeding will become light like brown or pink spots or red and somewhat heavy. You can ease the cramps with paracetamol, ibuprofen or other painkillers, as suggested by the gynecologist.

How long will the cramps and pain usually last?

Some women feel fine after fitting the contraceptive coil and can resume their work. Others may be uncomfortable and need to take some rest for a few hours. The main thing about bleeding and pain after getting a coil fitted is it will remain the same or decrease and things will be headed properly into the right direction. When the bleeding and pain increase suddenly, this may be sign of some infection or that the coil is slipping. You are advised to visit a doctor within 24 hours for coil fitting in London.

If everything settles down after fitting the contraceptive coil for three weeks, then it is the right time to check for your coil strings. You may do it by putting one or two fingers inside your vagina and find the cervix. The strings will remain at the top of vagina though it might get tucked around the cervix. When you can feel the coil strings, you should see a doctor for checkup. But in case you cannot feel your strings or are worried about anything, you should arrange to see a doctor for a coil check.

Guidelines for what to do and when after fitting a contraceptive coil

Sex – You are advised to wait for 24 hours before enjoying sex with your partner to allow coil to settle properly. Feel free to check with your doctor when the coil is working immediately or you may continue using extra contraception.

Tampons – Use a pad in the first 24 hours when you need to so that the coil gets time to settle down.

Moon cups – It is recommended by the manufacturers to postpone using a moon cup for six weeks after an IUD coil fitting in London. Make sure the cup is low in the vagina and you can break the seal before removing it.

Depend on the coil for contraception – You need to ask your doctor when to use the coil for contraception. Sometimes, you require additional contraception for seven days and when you forget, it is best to use extra contraception for seven days.

Exercise and swim – You are advised to wait for 24 to 48 hours before exercising so that the coil settles down. When you experience pain after the fitting, it is best to wait till that stop.

Gym plates – You need to wait for 6 weeks after fitting the coil before using gym plates.

X-rays including an MRI – Performing an Xray and an MRI is fine but you should inform the person doing your Xray or scan that you are having a coil.

If you feel worried that the coil has moved or you cannot feel the strings, then you should get advice from your sexual health doctor. You can use the Internet when looking for “coil fitting near me” provider in your area.