Quality Content and its effect on the Conversion Rate in 2019

The emphasis on publishing quality content has always been there. As a website owner, if you want your brand to get online success, publishing quality content regularly is the best way to go about things. If you have high standard web content and proper drafted social media posts, you would not face challenges in terms of getting traffic at any time. People give a lot of importance to quality content and when it comes to spending money, the importance increases. High class brands have a strong content development team which works day in and day out to publish the finest information. Users do not take time in selecting a brand if the content is up to the mark in terms of quality. Correct punctuation of written word before posting it on any site. You can use online tools for that to achieve quality in your work.

Differentiating Between bounce Rate and Conversion Rate

A lot of online brand owners do not know the difference between conversion rates and bounce rate. If a website has a high bounce rate, it is a not a positive sign by any means It means that people are visiting a website but not spending enough time. When does this happen? This happens when the website lacks something. If your website is not up to the mark in technical terms, has a low standard user experience or lacks in the content quality area, the bounce rate would go up. This means that people are visiting the website but they are not spending time on it.

A high conversion rate is only possible if a website has regular visitors. This simply means that people should like what you offer and there should be enough awareness about the brand. Reputed brands have constant regular visitors. Thus, having a high conversion rate is not a problem for them. As people spend consistent time on the websites, they are willing to spend money on buying. This obviously has a positive impact on the conversion rate.

Quality Content and its impact on the Conversion Rate

If you have a look at the number of brands offering similar product options, it would be obvious that there are several options for the customer. How does one brand stand out and generate a better appeal than other brands? There is a very simple answer to this question. One brand stands out because it fulfills search engine needs and customer preferences in a better manner than the others. For instance, content quality is one of the biggest requirements to get a good SEO rank. It is obvious that one website that has the top position against a particular phrase would get the maximum clicks. This obviously increases the chances of getting more conversions.

Content Quality and better SEO positions

In the present time, keyword stuffing would not help you at all in getting a better SEO rank. Content quality is the most important component for acquiring a better SEO position as well as a higher DA score. The customer of today believes strongly in reading information and not randomly buying things. Every website combats its competitors to acquire a better SEO rank because that is integral for getting business. Here is how top quality is important for better SEO positions.

  • Google has certain parameters for awarding a rank to any website and content quality is one of them. Your website would not survive the competition if you lack in the content department. Top notch content is necessary for getting traffic. Whether it is web content, social media content or visual content, quality is extremely important.
  • SEO rank does depend on how well the keywords have been used. However, there is one misconception which users should remove. Using keywords does not mean using them even when the need is not there. Keywords should be used only when the need is there. In other words, keyword density is an important aspect. You should keywords according to the length of the content. It is obvious that using a keyword for 70 times in a 200 word blog would be counted as stuffing. This should obviously be avoided as it results in search engine penalties. Hence avoid the over usage of keywords.
  • Keywords keep changing and content developers should be updated with them. One way is to use a keyword planning tool at all times before the content is being published. Using out dated keywords is as bad as not using them at all. With Google keyword planner, you can be sure about the phrases/keywords that the users are using for searching purposes. If your target audience is located in a particular location, the keywords being used by them can be determined as well. In a nutshell, using a keyword planning tool is essential.

Visual Content and the use of keywords

Do you know that a high percentage of users search for visual content directly instead of visiting the website and then following a systematic process? If only the text content is embedded with the correct keywords and visual content does not have them, you would not that get that traffic? Thus, having keywords in the used visual content form is essential.

  • Images should be indexed so that users can locate them if they search for them in a direct manner. For instance, consider that “best leather wallets” is your targeted keyword phrase. You need to include this phrase in the image file name instead of uploading it with the default title. In this way, if the user searches for an image directly, the image on your website would be among the search results. Thus, images should have the relevant keywords as well. This would improve the traffic rate.

The use of keywords for Videos

Do you know that a major share of online purchasers browse the video of a product even before looking at the text description? Even if you have used the relevant keywords in the text content but they lack in the video file titles, the traffic rate would be lower. In a nutshell, it can be said that keywords should be included for all content forms including videos and images. This would maximize the chances of getting a good traffic count at regular intervals.

Keyword planning and its effect on the Conversion Rate

How important is keyword planning and does it have an effect on the rate of conversion? A simple fact is that keyword planning is very important? Simply inserting new keywords is not the eventual goal. You cannot expect traffic to land on your website if you have refreshed the content with keywords but not the correct ones. Keyword planning is absolutely essential because it helps you in determining the keywords which you should be using. A lot of parameters need to be taken into consideration including the location of targeted audience. Even if your product is being targeted on a global scale, keyword planning is required to find out about the keywords being used by potential buyers.

The conversion rate would obviously not increase if the content lacks the correct keywords. An example would provide us with a better understanding and more clarity. Consider that you have an online brand selling ice cream and the targeted location is New York. To get the attention of the audience in New York, you need to have appropriate keywords according to the location. For instance, the content should have keywords like “best ice cream in New York” or “quality ice cream in New York”. With the help of these keywords, it would be easier to acquire a high SEO rank. A higher SEO rank simply means that more people would click the link to your website. As a result, the ratio of conversions would increase as well.

Is keyword planning an ongoing Process?

Do you know that keyword planning is an ongoing process? You would not get traffic continuously on the same set of keywords as users change their searching preferences. We can revert back to the example mentioned above. If people are buying ice cream in New York, they would not use the same phrases time and again. Their preferences would obviously change and thus, the keywords being used in the content have to be changed accordingly as well. It is very obvious that if you do not updated keywords in the content, the rate of traffic and number of organic searches would go down.


Most brands struggle to make it to the top because they do not focus on content quality. Even if they do, the focus is not constant. As a result, the traffic rate is not consistent as well. Making it to the top SEO position is one thing and retaining that position is another. To occupy a high SEO rank, continuous hard work is needed and embedding the content with correct keywords is one of the integral steps. You need to modify the content according to searching requirements of users. Getting to the top in terms of SEO ranks is very much possible if you have the correct keywords in all forms of written content. Other than that, this should be a continuous process so that the website can retain a high SEO rank.