Earn during your College Days from Successful Student Blogging

Blogging has taken over the internet and a lot of young people are making a living from doing it. The world has changed and so have careers. There was a time when being a doctor or a lawyer was the top earning jobs. Today, we are looking more at working online and having a lot of free time. This is because the world is moving towards digital as time goes by. If you want to coin in on the idea, Student Blogging would be a great start.

A lot of students are trying to start blogs and many of them do so successfully. The trick is to follow all the SEO rules and creating a relationship with those you write for. This is different from offering a statement of purpose writing service because it is not technical. Writing on a blog has to do with offering advice that adds value. If you want to be a successful blogger in Student Blogging, there is a place in the market for you. Even students have had life experiences or knowledge on subjects that others find helpful. Here are the top 9 tips to help you run a successful Student Blogging.

1. Research your Audience

Before you start posting to your blog, be sure to understand the readers you are trying to attract. This is going to determine your success in a big way. Knowing who your target audience is can help guide you in what you need to write about. Every audience has a specific need and you need to cater to yours. If you are writing for students, research what the pressing issues is that they are struggling with.

2. Enable Comments

Listen to what your readers have to say and one way to do this is by enabling comments on your posts. A lot of times you can find new topics within those comments. Someone might mention that your post is great but they really wish you focused on one specific area. That are then becomes your next post. It shows that you care about what they have to say and this is how you build a relationship.

3. Passion

There is something in life that you are passionate about and this can be the basis of your niche. Student blogging is no different to any other blogging form. The rules remain the same and having a passion for your niche is going to make your job easier. Writing about the format of statement of purpose might seem tasking to someone who is not passionate about the topic. You need to be able to cover topics on this niche for a long time, so be sure you enjoy doing it.

4. Visuals

Be sure to become your own photographer and videographer if you want to be a successful blogger. These visuals need to be of the highest quality to attract the reader. Standards are quite high right now and everyone has some kind of editing tool to make their visuals better.

5. Headlines

The first piece of information your audience will see is your headline and this needs to be spot on. Take some time on deciding what you want your headline to be. You can even write your post first and then decide on a catchy headline. It might only be a few words long, but it does make or break your post.

6. Share

Social media needs to become your best friend. Always share your posts on social media with a link back to your blog. You are going to reach a lot more people this way and grow your traffic significantly. It is another step, but it is worth the effort. If your followers on your social media platforms visit your blog, they might read some other posts and love your content. This is a sure way to find traffic that keeps coming back for more.

7. Grammar

It is important to write high quality content. If you were writing a statement of purpose mba there is a great chance that you would focus on grammar. The same should apply to any post you update to your blog. This is also important for SEO purposes and can result in a higher rating.

8. Tight Niche

We all have so much to share and it takes time to find the perfect niche. There are a lot of bloggers who do not have a tight niche and still become successful. However, it is more likely that you will find success faster with a niche that is specific. You do not have to find this intimidating because even the tightest niche can cover a host of topics.

9. Be yourself for the Online Community

This is an important part of blogging and you have to always make sure you know who you are. Then you have to find the courage to show that to your audience. You do not have to copy anyone else’s personality or change yours for the online community. There is a lot of power in being yourself because people will find it easier to connect with you. It’s not easy to keep up pretending to be someone else, so you might as well be who you truly are, online and offline.