6 best Data Recovery Softwares preventing Data Loss

Imagine you are engross working on a certain project with your computer or laptop and suddenly the screen turns blue and you see Window has a crash message. You start sweating. You are worried all the work you have doing for weeks is gone. You now start wishing you had done data backup earlier. If you find yourself in such a situation, the advisable solution is to seek data recovery softwares. Even so, use antivirus together with the SD card video recovery software of your choice to ensure your data is not damaged further.

Data recovery, what is it?

This is the process of salvaging or retrieving lost or damaged data from a storage device like SD card. Data recovery will be required if the hard drive crashes, accidental deletion of data by an employee, or a virus has deleted your data. The initial step a data recovery software take is scanning the storage device to find the lost data.

How Data Recovery Software work?

When you create a file, its details and location are kept in FAT (File Allocation Table) and MFT (Master File Table. When, for whatever reasons, the file is deleted, all its information stored in FAT and MFT is also deleted. Nevertheless, the file will be physically available on the hard drive, until it is taken to the recycle bin by the system. The recovery software will try and locate these deleted files.

However, the recovery software will work provide the storage device is not overwritten. In other words, when a file is created and saved, it is stored in a location in the storage device. When the file is deleted it can be overwritten when it is replaced by another file. The location in which this file is stored is marked by the operating system as writable. If a new file is stored in this same location, the old file becomes irrecoverable. That is why it is advisable to not use the storage medium when you realize the files are missing.

Best Data Recovery Software’s

This program suits small businesses and startups with an inadequate budget. Plus it is a one-time investment as opposed to hiring a professional service. With business moving away from paper, data storage and handling are becoming crucial for the running of these companies, leading to an increasing in the demand for data recovery software. As a result, many providers of this software have now begun to offer licensed versions for online download.

You will find a wide range of this software depending on your data recovery needs, be it a large database or home solutions. Majority of these programs also have a lifetime warranty and support team, but this varies from provider to provider. Check out the following list for some of the best data recovery software:

  • Digital Rescue Premium
  • Data Recovery Wizard
  • R-studio
  • Advanced Disk Recovery
  • Total Recall
  • Recover My Files

The list is not inclusive though. You will also find that the prices are very affordable starting from as low as $40 to maximum $80. To have maximum protection of your data, ensure that you do the data backup onto a data storage medium in reserve. Getting a licensed version or the paid program directly from the developer’s website is the first sign of successful data recovery. If your data recovery case is not that serious, a basic SD card Video recovery tool can help you. However, this will only be helpful if the data you are trying to recover was deleted.

Data recovery software can work on a variety of digital media including iPods, digital cameras, SD cards, pen drives, hard drives, FAT (File Allocation Table) and any other digital device.

Preventing Data Loss When using Data Recovery Software

Employing a proper data recovery plan can help minimize data loss, by a great extent. Take the following measures to protect your data from further damages.

  • Ensure your backup and archive all your important data regularly.
  • Have a good anti-virus to protect your device from viruses.
  • Before downloading anything online, make sure you scan for spyware, virus and other forms of malware.


Easy to use – Majority of this software is designed with the non-IT user in mind. They are made in such a way that it can be used by virtually anybody. Whether it is for business or home office. They are so basic and simple.

Save time and money – Using these programs save time as opposed to when you try to recover your data without them. Some of the programs have a preview feature that allows you to only select the file and folders you want to recover. Others have an option to speed up the recovery process. Using the recovery software means that you won’t need to hire the services of a professional, thus saving you money.

Support Team – If it occurs that you are not technically gifted, you can seek the help of the recovery software developers support team. Some of the companies that design these programs avail themselves around the clock to offer support to clients.


Data loss can be catastrophic. It can severely damage your company, profit-wise and image-wise. Losing valuable customer information may lead to a loss of trust in the business and the customers may shift to your competitor. Data loss will cost your business valuable working hours that may lead to losses.

It is important to have a data recovery and backup system ready in case of any eventuality. Even though there is much free data recovery software online, you won’t need to look for them if you have a reliable recovery system in place, such as SD card video recovery one. As the cliche goes, prevention is better than cure.