4 Unbelievably easy ways to Grow your on Demand Donut Delivery Service

Food delivery business has grown like never before in the past few years. As the number of people who have busy lives (that means every one these days), the number of apps that cater to on demand food delivery has gone up. But the beauty of this business is that there are many niches that it can cater to. In today’s post, we will specifically talk about the on demand donut delivery business and how you can go about growing this one to ensure that you are always profitable.

Please note that you have already jumped through the first hurdle, which is finding your niche. Of course, with so many different kinds of cuisines out there and the popularity of each kind of cuisines there are many options you could’ve gone with, but you chose donut. We’d say that is a great choice because, the pizza delivery market is frankly overly saturated. Donuts are everyone’s heart’s desire and if you are someone who wants to make people happy while making a few bucks along the way, there couldn’t have been a better business for you.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us quickly go through these 4 unbelievably easy ways in which you can grow your donut delivery service at no extra cost!

Make the app available for the masses

Many a times, to save a few bucks, entrepreneurs choose to build only android or iOS versions of their apps. They do some kind of research that shows which platform has more users and decide that they are more worthy of their on demand donut delivery service and only cater to their kind.

This could easily be the biggest mistake anyone makes. The technology market is extremely fluid. If android looks good today, you never know what your market will look like tomorrow as iOS takes over. So, if you have ignored building both versions (Android and iOS) then you will lose out on an entire market.

Therefore, don’t get stingy in the beginning and make sure that the maximum number of people can access your app by offering both versions. Regardless of whether your user is an Android User or an Apple fanatic, if they have a sweet tooth and crave donuts, they should be able to get to your apps.

Get it on with the Aggregator model

It is not very hard to see that the most successful food delivery apps out there are the ones that operate with the aggregator model. The aggregator model enables other restaurants, bakeries, dessert shops to register into your app and make their products available to your users.

While works as the best platform to allow them to get higher sales, it is also very useful to you because as the app owner you stand to make a commission each time the app is used. So, without actually having to provide any additional service or to even having to step into a kitchen to get the baking on, you make a handsome buck each time someone craves a donut and pulls out there smart phones.

Easy Log In

You know what people hate the most when it comes to mobile apps? They hate registering into it. As a matter of fact, some people have only kept their Facebook accounts live (even after the whole data selling, racist ads sort of problem on)is to make sure that they don’t have to fill out a form to register into an app, even if it takes a few minutes.

This is why; you have to make sure that the process of logging in to your app is absolutely easy. Ensure that your customers and service providers alike have both gotten the option of logging in to the app using their Gmail or Facebook IDs. Now, alternatively, if someone is choosing to stay at bay from social media, don’t hang them out to dry. Keep an alternate but easy to fill registration form that the customers can fill out to create a profile to go ahead and use the application.

Secure Payment System

Alright guys. This is the last one of the list. Secure payment. This may be the last tip but it is easily the most important one. Secure payment is the foundation on which the bricks of any on demand mobile app based business is laid. It is what makes sure that your customer can trust you.

Ensure that you only tie up with a reliable and trusted payment gateway to enable online payment transactions through your app. However, please don’t be the app that forces the user to put down their credit card details even if they don’t want to. It is of utmost importance that the customer can choose the payment methodology that is most suitable to them, even if that means cash on delivery.


Hey, I tried with that pun, sorry if it did not sit well with you. So, to wrap up, starting and growing your own on demand donut delivery service can be very easy of you follow the given 4 pointers. All you need to do is make sure that you have your head in the game right from the outset. Make sure that you do not eliminate an entire group of customers only because of their choice of operating system. Integrate a reliable payment gateway within the app so your customers can trust you. Logging in to the app can be a turn off, so make sure that you allow your users to log in using Facebook or Gmail IDs or by filling out a short form. And lastly, go for the aggregator model. It is easy and requires very little effort from you as the app owner. Also, remember to only get your on demand donut delivery app built by a reputed white label on demand mobile app Development Company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in the industry to get a seamless and functional app.

Author’s BioAnurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.