Why the next decade of Limousine Services could Smash the Last Decade?

The limousine services industry is growing from one year to another and it is starting to cover a bigger variety of clients each time because their services are more affordable and provide their clients with a lot more options that they can choose from. It is for sure a developing industry and it is the future form of transportation that everyone will prefer sooner or later because it just has so many advantages to it that it’s going to be hard to compete with.

Current State of Things

But what are the immediate changes that will radically improve the limousine services in the next ten years and that will be so much more impressive than what has been going on for the past ten years? First, we need to take a look at some of the current top companies (like for example Chicago’s SCL) in order to see how the business evolution can go from there. Those companies possess a good fleet of various types and models of vehicles like luxury sedans and SUV, different type of stretch limos, vans and party busses. If all those should be automated this is going to be a serious challenge, because it is one thing to properly automate a single car models but how about all those different classes? Doesn’t sound easy and in reality it’s not. Simply this will take a lot of time for development, testing and finally deployment.

Expectation and Vision

We are about to let you into an amazing and innovative world! Chances are that the new limousine services will be driverless and autonomous cars will take care of the needs of sophisticated clients in just a couple of years. You heard well, chauffeurs could be an extinct position at least in the limousine services industry and cars could be taken clients wherever they want to go without having to be controlled or driven by another individual. This can save an incredible amount of money but on the other hand, that money could be invested in innovative cars with options that could literally cover every need of a client, no matter how picky and sophisticated they are.

However, this amazing change will raise the standards for all the Limousine Service Toronto companies on the market and will create a big gap between those who are able to provide driverless limousine services and those who struggle to get to this level. Such a change would need to be analysed also from the customers’ perspective. How many of them will respond positive to it and what percentage will be more reluctant and sceptical to such an improvement that might not even be seen as an improvement for a certain segment of the industry.

Along with this change, the entire system might suffer tremendous modifications. The passenger could call the vehicle, per click on his mobile phone, whenever he needs it, instead of calling the driver and that will make the entire process a technical and automatic one which will change the entire experience of collaborating with limousine services.

Also, there is a negative side of it, or so it is perceived by the clients and even the limousine companies on the market. The lack of human interaction and the fact that the driver could also be an assistant or a helper in certain situation, might not make this automatic method very popular among some of the customers because the service will become a self-service type and not one that is provided by the company through a chauffeur. So, even if this change is in sight for the next decade, making it very different from the last one, a certain number of problems are raised asking for solutions.

Who will load the car and unload the car if the customer has a significant amount of luggage? How will the itinerary or the modifications that can appear on it will be transmitted to the vehicle? Who will give the customers recommendations when it comes to the best restaurant in town or the best cinema? And, one that it might not seem so important but it actually is, who will be there to entertain a conversation during the ride and make sure that the client is satisfied and settled as they want? All these questions leave a lot of doubt for those who consider switching from the classic driver style cares to the driverless ones and they all have to be answered before the investment is made and the services are offered to the clients. Ten years ago this was not even an option and the investments went toward training the chauffeurs in order to provide the customers with the best services on the market, which made their job more than a driver’s position who takes the client from point A to point B.

Wrapping Up

However, even if driverless cars will also come with a cheaper price and will be more affordable since there is no need for paying the chauffeurs and the related costs, it is going to take a lot of development and education of the market to settle this new limousine service in. Chances are in the next 10 years, more companies will give this new service a try and after making sure that the market is responding well to this radical change, it will become a very popular one, after the details are taken care of.