How to effectively Reduce Menopausal Symptoms?

Menopause is a significant phase in every woman’s life as it ushers inevitable changes brought about by old age. Albeit normal, it signifies the end of the hormonal process called menstrual cycle when the estrogen levels dwindle; the ovaries stop releasing eggs, and women eventually stop menstruating and bearing children. Women, who are commonly aged forty-five (45) to fifty-five (55) years old, almost always experience slight to severe menopausal symptoms, which include irregular period, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, chills, night sweats or cold flashes, sleep problems, mood changes, weight gain and slowed metabolism, thinning hair and dry skin, loss of breast fullness, among others.

Often called the “change of life” or simply the “change,” menopause creates fear in women who are uninformed of the antidotes to menopausal symptoms and how these can bring positive changes to their lives. Here are some of the ways to convincingly face off with the said fear so that women will begin to look at menopause as a welcome change from this day onward.

Consider using Hormones

Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT is said to bring physical relief to women in menopause, most especially to those who are enduring the very common hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and reduced sex drive. The said HRT can help prevent osteoporosis, which women typically go through after menopause. HRT involves the use of some pills, patches, implants, as well as vaginal creams.

Most but not all women can have HRT as it is not suitable for those who have histories of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and womb cancer, for those who had blood clots, high blood pressure, and liver disease, and for those who are pregnant. Women may opt to use it or avail of other ways to relieve menstrual symptoms.

Have it the Natural Way

Getting adequate nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D, in women’s diet are crucial to keeping active and healthy bones and the proper intake of these nutrients during menopause years will lead to lower risks of hip fractures due to weak bones. A woman’s body weight, correspondingly, has an ill effect on menopause symptoms. Hence, maintaining a physically fit body is essential to decrease the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Meanwhile, avoiding trigger foods such as caffeine, alcohol, sugared and spicy diet will lessen the episodes of hot flashes that make women uncomfortable, night sweats, including mood swings. Regular exercise also reduces menopause symptoms such as poor sleep, anxiety, and fatigue.

Cope with it Constructively

Menopause symptoms are incredibly stressful as the list of unwelcome symptoms is lengthy and disheartening. That is why having a fifteen-minute meditation a day is encouraged to improve a woman’s stress levels and to boost her ability to cope with stress itself. Other than that, doing a life inventory by listing down what truly matters and abandoning things that harm the body and spirit is essential.

Calling a friend, seeing a counselor, and seeking the help of a medical provider is just as essential as considering the many options for symptom relief to form strong bonds with fellow women braving the same fate, veer away from living in isolation, and get the best advice there is.

Other Contemporary and Alternative Therapies

Accordingly, alternative treatments are those that are often used alone while contemporary treatments are alternative treatments combined with traditional therapies like surgery or medication. Treatments for menopausal for women, that are considered unconventional, include the intake of dietary and herbal supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage therapy, and homeopathy.

Women in menopause may try to get relief from having phytoestrogens or natural estrogens in their diet. Other nutritional supplements like black cohosh and flaxseed will help relieve menopausal symptoms.


When women get older, their bodies are changing over time. It is crucial for them to have a positive outlook in life in order not be vulnerable to severe medical illnesses like depression. It is also vital to have the right information about the processes that the body undergo and the corresponding medical interventions that women badly need. Availing of the best but economical relief like the Angeliq drug coupon is also indispensable, mainly because it will not only help women cope with menopausal symptoms, but it will also reduce the risk of developing cancer of the uterus.

More than anything else, getting support from friends, family members, and the community is as valuable as the life that women lead from beginning to end of menopause.