What is the Safest way to Mail important Documents to Clients?

Cyber-attacks are still rampant in the United States. Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams cost organizations $676 million in 2017. It’s, therefore, vital for companies to find the safest way to mail important documents so as to avoid mail compromise.

If you need to send important documents, whether to your clients, employees, or business partners, you need the safest way to mail them. This is the only way that you can be sure that the information you are sending doesn’t fall to the wrong hands.

Ready to know how to send your documents safely? Read on and find out how best to do this.

Delivery Services

Whether you are sending legal documents, invoices, lab workouts, or any other important document, one of the best ways of mailing confidential documents is using delivery services. They have a same day courier service that will ensure your documents are delivered safely and on time.

Courier services are very common throughout the world, and these companies today provide services like:

  • Scheduled delivery services
  • Emergency delivery services
  • 24/7 services

Delivery services understand that different clients have different mailing needs, and they offer reliability and support. Several courier companies go to the extent of developing custom services to ensure that they meet their client’s expectations.

Hand Delivery

One of the other threats that businesses face today is corporate espionage. Your competitors or other players in your industry can try to do anything possible to get their hands on your trade secrets or any sensitive documents that they can get.

If you face a risk of such a threat, then one of the safest ways of mailing your important documents is by hand delivery. This way, you will leave no chance for anybody to intercept the mail while in transit.

Hand delivery, however, takes up a lot of your time and effort, but it is worth all of it, especially if you are faced with a number of real threats.

Mail the Documents

If your recipient is in another location, mailing the documents to them is one of the options that you can consider. Your important documents will most likely get to their destination untampered with because of the laws that govern this service.

In the United States, it is illegal to open someone else’s mail. Even though such laws don’t stop criminals from committing a crime, they will face the full force of the law when they are caught. This will help to expose the threat, and you will know your exact enemy.
If you do not wish to use the U.S. Postal Service, you can use other delivery services like UPS or FedEx. Always remember to ask for proof of delivery if you choose to deliver your mail using either of the two services.

There are several laws that protect any mail sent through USPS. This means this service is less likely to be breached. These laws protect your mail when it is in possession of a postal worker, mailbox, or post office. The protection ceases once the recipient has received the mail.

This protection is great for sending your mail. Always ensure that you address your mail correctly so that they do not end up in the wrong mailbox.

Points to Note

When mailing to a recipient in a different location through either FedEx or USPS, here are some of the things that you should note.

USPS Certificate of Mailing

If you’re shipping your mail, you’ll need a way to prove that your documents were mailed and delivered as they should. This is the only way that you can have that proof. Whichever shipping method you choose, ensure that it has a USPS Certificate of Mailing.

This service has a timestamp that records every point of the mailing process. This information includes the post office that your mail travels through. You, as the sender, can view this information using a USPS Certified Mail account. The data can be available in the account for up to ten years after the mail has been delivered.

The mailing information is also available on the USPS website for 90 days. This service is not available for all shipping methods, make sure you check if the shipping method you’re using has this service before using it.


Adding a signature is very important because you will be able to get a notification when your mail is delivered. This is especially important when mailing important documents.

Remember, not all mailing or delivery methods are the same. Your decision will depend on your recipient’s location, the sensitivity of the documents, the level of threats you are facing, and more. Choose the safest way to mail important documents to clients that work best for you.

Once you have made a choice on the best mailing service to use, it is also best to note that you might still have to face some risks like loss of mail through fire accidents, plane crashes, or more. Therefore, always have backup copies of the documents that you are sending to your clients.

The average cost of dealing with a data breach is $3.86 million. If you do not have that kind of money to spare, you should choose to invest in a more sure way of mailing your important documents.

Sending sensitive documents through email is very risky because of malware and hackers. Choose to work with a reliable courier service in your area or go old school and use the United States Postal Service.

Try the Safest way to Mail important Documents to your Clients Today

There are several ways that one can choose to send their mail. However, the safest way to mail important documents will guarantee that your documents remain private and confidential. If you’re not able to deliver the mail in person, you can consider using some of these ways and you will not have to worry about hacking or other cyber threats.

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