Live Phone Answering Service for Small Businesses Nationwide

If you’re a small business just starting up, you’ll notice that things might be slow at first, especially when it comes to inbound calls you’ll be receiving. But eventually (and it’s bound to happen), you’ll end up getting more and more phone calls that can be overwhelming. When this happens, you may not be able to answer literally every call that comes in, and this can cause you a significant loss of income, loss of current clients, and ultimately a loss of revenue. How can you avoid this? You can hire a good Phone answering service, via this link, to provide the full amount of support you need and speak on your behalf to your clients and even prospective ones to further help your business.

How Does an Answering Service Work?

Well, first off, you pay a fee per month, and your company can provide the telephone and even online support you need when it comes to your clients. If you don’t answer your phones and it rings a certain amount of times, it will be forwarded to your answering service’s phones, and they’ll be able to take your call for you. If your phone is busy this can work as well. Not at the office? You can even get some 24-hour solutions with the right answering service, and they’ll even work on the holidays so you don’t have to!

Get a Break

By hiring an answering service, you’re also going to get a lot of a break from other things such as solicitors. Robodialers, solicitors, and sales people are bound to call your business as soon as they see that you have a registered business. This can cut into your time as a business owner by not only keeping you from your work, but also by interrupting your phone lines as well and causing you a loss of clients.

If you hire an answering service, they’ll get rid of this stress for you, open up your phone lines so you can ensure all calls are answered, and even forward the ones that are necessary. If all else fails, you are often given a portal that you can log into in order to see things, get e-mail notifications, text messages forwarded to you, and even get alerts by phone or even have access to an external mailbox.

Having a Virtual Assistant at All Times

Many people think that a virtual assistant isn’t really a thing, but believe it or not, you can have a full-fledged account solution that acts like a secretary for you when it comes to having a professional answering service. Most callers don’t even realize they’re not calling your company if you hire the right company, but what’s important is that they get to speak to someone live.


Direct Line Tele Response Inc. is just the service provider that can offer you that virtual secretary you need. You can save money on having to hire your own personal secretary or support team and have a viable solution when it comes to starting up your business and getting every call answered, which can end up getting you more business!