Top 5 biggest Cloud Storage Companies of the World

In recent years, cloud storage has become a necessity for every business and individual who wants to store his data safely and securely, in a very affordable manner that leads the exponential growth in the cloud storage industry. In this article, we are going to talk about the top data storage companies.

Top 5 Cloud Storage Companies

With the increasing demand for cloud storage, more and more tech giants are trying to enter the market. According to the Synergy research group, the worth of the cloud market is 130 billion $ and the top 5 companies control more than 67% of the total market share alone.

pCloud Storage is a Swiss-based company that offers a wide range of features, including secure file sharing and encryption to ensure your data remains safe while in transit or at rest. Additionally, they offer discounts when multiple users sign up at once. Their services come with a variety of features such as unlimited file size limit and military-grade encryption, as well as additional pCloud discounts lifetime when you sign up for their premium plans. The company offers 10 GB of free storage for all users who register on their website, allowing them to explore pCloud’s features before deciding whether or not to upgrade.

Amazon web services (AWS) is the biggest cloud storage company in the world with a whopping share of 32%. It provided a mixup of solutions like infrastructure as services (IaaS), Platform as services (PaaS). AWS also offers a variety of services like database storage, computing, and content delivery to individuals, government organizations, businesses, and many more.

Microsoft Azure with a market share of 20% Microsoft azure is the 2nd biggest cloud storage company that provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services across the world. Launched in 2010 Azure became the biggest competitor of Amazon web services. One of the best things about Azure is that it has 42 data centers around the world which are the highest number for any company. One of the most interesting facts about Azure is that more than 80% of fortune 500 companies use their cloud storage services which shows the safety and security standards of Azure are the best among all.

Google Cloud with a market share of 9% Google cloud is a cloud storage company of Google Inc that provides affordable cloud storage solutions. That is the reason why it is more popular among small and medium-sized businesses. The best thing about google drive is that it can be easily integrated with other devices. The control panel is very convenient to use which gives this platform an edge over other platforms and the best cloud storage for photos.

Alibaba Cloud is a Chinese data management giant with a 6% of global share providing its services to all across the globe on a pay-as-you-go basis, these services are elastic computing, data storage, relational database, big data processing, anti-DDoS, and content delivery network. Due to its origin and relations with the Chinese communist party, many people see this platform in a suspicious way due to data theft incidents in past. However, the company has denied all the allegations but still, we cannot ignore that it has very good relations with the Chinese government which makes it suspicious.

IBM Clouds with a market share of 5% IBM clouds formerly known as Bluemix is an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service(PaaS) provider with more than 170 services like Computer storage, networking, database, analytics, machine learning, blockchain, etc. When it comes to the safety and security of data storage no company can meet the standards of Bluemix, it offers a next-gen hybrid cloud platform, advanced data, and AI capabilities that make this platform the most secure among all. However, in recent times, the IBM cloud has lost its market share radically because of expensive subscription charges and the rise in demand for affordable cloud storage solutions which IBM does not offer.


With growing demand and an increase in digital literacy among individuals and businesses, there is a very high possibility that new IT companies enter the market. According to cloud storage market statistics, from 2019 to 2027 cloud storage industry is expected to grow by 21.9% CAGR making it one of the most lucrative industries in the entire world.