Anti-Diabetic to Immunity Booster like the Advantages of Whey Proteins

There are so many protein sources available in the market. It is really hard to choose which protein is best for you. Animal protein or plant-based protein come to our mind when we think of protein sources. Check out everything you need to know about whey proteins. From its sources to its benefits.

Getting enough protein is really important for our body. Protein is not just for building up your muscles. It plays an essential role in building up our body and maintaining our body balance. Protein is made up of amino acid the building blocks of tissues like muscle, hair, nail and most importantly our bone.

Whey proteins are one of the best protein sources. It has all the 9 essential amino acids that are needed by our body from outer food sources. So whey protein is called a complete protein.

What is Whey?

It is primarily a milk-based protein. All milk products contain whey. Milk contains 2 types of protein. Casein protein which includes 80% of the milk and the remaining 20% is of Whey protein. The watery portion of milk that gets separated from curd in the process of making cheese contains whey.

Proteins are amino acids substitute which the body can’t produce itself and henceforth needs to be taken externally as they serve paramount importance acting as body building blocks. Whey proteins are available in multiple forms.

Whey Proteins Forms

Whey proteins are available in multiple forms for oral ingestion. Whey proteins like any other food supplements provide the body the required amino acids designed specifically to replenish the body.

Whey Protein Concentrate – Once the liquid portion of milk is extracted, the raw solid whey extract is left behind. Post-processing it contains 30%-80% lactose(dried form) with fats and carbohydrates in quantity sufficient. It’s highly nutritious and easy to take.

Whey Protein Isolate – Protein isolate is the result of purified protein concentrate. The isolate undergoes more advanced processing which on one hand makes it completely handy for professionals but on the other hand due to such fine procedure of preparing the protein isolate is rumored to lack the adequate health value and tends to lose its natural characteristics. The protein content in isolate is more than 90% and it’s expensive thanks to such standard operating procedure.

Whey Protein and it’s Disadvantages

Whey protein like anything offers its own advantage but at the same time, there are disadvantages which need to be addressed. Though a naturally sourced rich protein source due to typical process of preparation whey protein often lacks the natural tolerance that milk offers to the body. Whey protein though safe as milk often shows complications and intolerance in the human body like increased bowel movements, cramps and bloating, fatigue, reduced appetite, and headaches. People who have lactose intolerance must not use whey proteins strictly.

Whey Protein and it’s Advantages

Whey protein is a wonderful substitute for natural milk added with more protein concentration which is economical and beneficial for the human health. A spoonful of whey protein can provide the body with much more protein than a glassful of the milk can. Whey protein provides the following advantages.

Body Weight Maintenance – Having a healthy physique is the minimum criteria for a productive life. Whey protein has a natural tendency to breakdown those extra carbohydrates in your body while producing the extra bouts of energy. It nurtures your lean muscles to stay strong while preventing any scope of weight gain.

Appetite Suppressant – Whey protein acts as an antagonist with ghrelin (the hormone which controls food intake). Whey protein keeps the level of ghrelin to a minimum which induces an effect of low appetite and prevents cravings of over-eating that prevents unnecessary weight gains.

Anti-Diabetic Properties – Thanks to low carbohydrate concentration, whey proteins have a vast application amongst all who are diabetic. Whey protein provides vital supplements but addresses the carbohydrate issue which prevents type 2 diabetes and has shown a positive impact on users who have diabetes.

Anti-Allergic Properties – Whey protein shows anti-allergic properties amongst infants and kids who are not suitable with cow milk. Not all infants are fortunate to get breast milk, therefore an alternative is of paramount importance. The cost-effective, healthy and safe alternative of cow milk is whey proteins. Kids shown to have an allergy to cow milk have shown reduced syndrome post usage of whey proteins.

Immunity Booster – Whey protein tends to have a positive effect on glutathione which on the other hand boost immunity concentration in our body. Whey contains specific amino acids like Alpha-lactoglobulin and beta-lactoglobulin which acts as an immunity booster in our body.


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