Pros and Cons of Top 10 Car Insurance Companies

Pros and Cons of Top 10 Car Insurance Companies

Speaking of car insurance, there are plenty companies out there, but the problem is not all of them are made equally. Below are the top 10 Car Insurance Companies for your reference.

Allstate Insurance

We all have different criteria when it comes to car insurance, but if you are looking for an insurance company which offers high quality policies with chances for numerous discount; the Allstate Insurance can be a great choice for you. This insurance company receive quite high ratings, highest marks from customers who gives positive experience. With agents and offices across the nation as well as helpful and user-friendly websites; the customers have the most opportunity to get personal help and also access to information at any time. This biggest auto insurance company sells the policies trough independent and exclusive agents.

Pros: the local agents and physical offices cover most area all over the country. You can definitely find one in your area. The Allstate Insurance is also provide numerous features such as chance for discounts bundling, passive restraint, and also anti theft devices. With the user-friendly website, you can definitely find any information in the site at anytime.

Cons: though it seems very promising, but there are some comparable companies that get higher ratings. In addition, it can be considered expensive if you do not bundle policies.

State Farm

The State Farm is founded in 1922 and has the finance stability history as well as satisfying customer service. The insurance company has agents and physical offices available all over the nation to provide the most ultimate service for the customers. Speaking of excellent customer service, the State Farm is known to provide personal services in which other online-based firm simply cannot be compared.

Pros: the biggest benefits from this insurance company are the dispersed local offices all over the nation, agents which provide personal services, numerous discounts opportunity, and also excellent mobile application and website.

Cons: if you concern more about ratings, sadly to say that the State Farm only receives average ratings. In addition, this insurance company also does not provide price break to pay the full policy premium in the front.


Amica Insurance is founded around 1907 and considered as the oldest automobiles insurance in the US. Speaking of Car Insurance Companies, the Amica Insurance still occupy the highest of everything in the insurance services. The company receives top rating for overall customer satisfaction, settlement experiences, and also appraisals. Due to the award and praise it receives, Amica Insurance is names as one of the best auto insurance companies in the US respectively.

Pros: the most benefits from Amica Insurance are excellent customer service and top ratings for claims. In addition, the customer is also able to choose their repair shops. The company has been long in the business, so they have financial stability with solid company. For those who still pay off the car loan, they can receive GAP insurance coverage as well. Besides having top ratings, customers also claim to have relatively less problems for filing the claims as well as receive payment.

Cons: There are also some drawbacks: the company does not offer the same discount between one and another and also they do not provide personal and focus agents like other companies. In addition, the company also has relatively expensive quotes and also the website may not as responsive as the competitors.


This car insurance is known for the attractive and constant advertisement, but aside from that, the Progressive Insurance also have strong customer base. Even though, the company does not receive top ratings, but they do have lots of benefits such as competitive pricing. In addition, the company also provides numerous chances for discount, Snapshot program, and also strong online presence.

Cons: If you are concern about personal agents, you may need to look for another because the company rarely provides personal attention. Also, the Progressive Insurance receives lower ratings.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Has been around in the business since 1916, the Auto-Owners Insurance receive high ratings and also maintenance in keep fair low profile. Ever since the establishment, the company has created financial stability.

Pros: the company receives high ratings for excellent customer service and also claims. They also provide individual agents and also offer numerous discounts.

Cons: for those who do not qualify for the discounts, the policies available can be quite expensive. Also, the website is also not considered as user-friendly.


The USAA receives high rating for claims satisfaction survey. They also provide superior customer service with diverse policy opts which meet anyone’s needs. Though it is top rated insurance, the USAA is only available for U.S. military members or former members and their close family. So, if you are general public, you will not be able to but the policy.

The Hartford

Harford Insurance has been in the business for more than 200 years and also has built excellent record for customer service and also claims processing.

Pros: even though they are old in the business, the Hartford still offer the best technology for the customer. They offer multiple policy discounts and also guaranteed policy renewals as long as you drive.

Cons: the company however, receives low ratings for service during the claim process. Also, you will get most benefits if go to AARP members.


Geico is the second largest insurance for auto passenger in the US. Founded in 1936, the company only rated as average claims and shopping satisfaction.

Pros: the Geico Insurance offers their policies directly from the website and also by phone. Also, they offer numerous discounts available for military and federal members.

Liberty Mutual

The Liberty Mutual is a kind of mutual insurance company which means that the part owners are the policy holders. If your car happens to get totaled, the coverage of better car replacement will pay the car if yours is one year newer and less than 15,000 miles. The main feature of the company sells the policies in direct way or through independent agents.

American Family Insurance

This company is also a mutual insurance but they use exclusive agents to sell the policies. The American Family Insurance receives only average ratings for shopping satisfaction and also better than most ratings for claims satisfaction.

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