Top 5 Spiritual and Religious Hindu Temples across India

Spirituality has been one inseparable element of Indian Culture. One can exercise any religion & feel blessed with their faith in an utmost independent manner in this democracy. We have noted some of the most prominent religious destinations of India which has been attracting tourists & people who have immense faith in their belief –system. Let us feel blessed & take a virtual tour of these wonderful & holy destinations of the Great Country like India.

Vaishno Devi Temple

Vaishno Devi pilgrimage indeed has a special spot in the hearts of believers. This temple situated over the Trikula Hills in Jammu has been one of the most popular spiritual & religious places across India. Pilgrims experience incredible delight and enlightenment during the difficult trek to the temple. The trek will take you to Mata who has been situated in the cave & you will undergo a wave of emotional outburst while taking blessings from her. The serene beauty of Jammu is surely what a bonus point is for the pilgrims.

A perfect combination of divine & thrill is what the journey to Vaishno Devi is. Pilgrims from across the nation go to get a blessing from Mata & bestow their faith in from of her for seeking approval. The trek indeed is a thrill worth experiencing, also, for those who are incapable for taking up the journey on their own & still want to seek blessing from the goddess can make use of the pony ride for the upward journey. We assure the most exhilarating experience you would ever have during the trip of Vaishno Devi.

Golden Temple

The great Golden Temple build & situated in the city of Amritsar is surely a must-see religious site in India. Also known as Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib has been the Sikh pilgrimage destination of greatest importance. This temple was built by the 4th Sikh Guru, Ramdas Sahib Ji. Pilgrims will surely feel the blessings coming to them just by the sight of the temple constructed amidst the lake. The temple has been a witness of several important & significant events in history. Its legacy has a lot to offer to the pilgrims seeking divine blessings.

The legacy & historical annexure have been as glorious the beautiful appearance of the Temple. Believers give immense significance to the lake surrounding the temple as well which has been known as the carrying water as holy as nectar. Gurudwara Sahib has been offering a holy meal to every visitor since centuries on each day of its existence. The mega kitchen run by the Gurudwara Sahib has been indeed a spot for immense curiosity & respect.

Holy Cave of Amarnath

The Baba Barfani is what is the Holy Linga is called, which is getting formed in the cave of Amarnath Temple. Devotees & pilgrims from across the globe take up this immensely challenging trek & seek blessings from the almighty. This beautiful & spiritually powerful cave has been a situation in the stunning state of Jammu & Kashmir. Reaching to the cave is only possible after a dangerous & thrilling trekking expedition.

The Cave of Amarnath holds unparalleled ancient religious significance in India. The well-known mythological story narrates that Lord Shiva revealed secrete related to immortality to his wife Goddess Parvati in this Cave & the same was overheard by two pigeons. Till today pilgrims can see pigeons in the cave vouching for the authenticity of the mythological legend. Every year the Linga is formed by the ice in the natural manner here which becomes a national event & attracts numerous pilgrims from across the globe to seek blessings. During this time devotees have been allowed to visit the cave with robust facility & support by the armed forces of India.

Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is lying in peace on this holy spot. He has still been listening to sufferers’ worships as well as granting them. Just a step in the Dargaah & the divine peace from the holy aura takes over your soul. This holy shrine is situated in Ajmer in Rajasthan. Devotees from across the globe pay their visit to this sacred dargah year on year.

Your presence in this sacred spot will surely give a divine relief to your thoughts & soul that is the magic of the place. Travelers seeking holy blessings from the Khwaja can use the ticketgoose coupons for planning their travel seamlessly. The constant stream of devotees is always seen in the Dargaah but especially during the Urs festival help annually we recommend you to visit this place. The most amazing fact is that devotees come to pay a visit to Ajmer Sharif irrespective of their age, race, faith, caste or community.

Tirumala Venkateswara

The Lord Venkateswara which has been an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is placed in this humongous Temple Also known as Tirupati Balaji in a popular way. This grand & ancient temple has been situated over the last hill of Seshachalam range in the Tirupati City of Andhra Pradesh. This monogamous temple has been very popular for its exquisite architecture which finely signifies the Dravidian cultural heritage. This temple has been on top list of most visited Hindu places across India.

More than 60000 devotees seek blessings from Lord Venkateswara every day. Pilgrims are highly recommended for attending the famous Puja offering divine blessings. Tirupati Balaji has been coming across several celebrities as its devoted & regular pilgrims. One popular ritual which prevails across the devotees here is they donate their hair to Lord Venkateswara as a sign of respect. A huge buncsh of believers as well as donate a large amount of gold to Lord Venkateswara which makes this Temple exceptionally wealthy across all other sacred destinations.

Pilgrims from the globe as well as India alone feel blessed & enlightened by visiting their places of faith. Indian culture has been woven inherently with religion & spirituality. Pilgrims are advised to make it possible to each of these holy places at least once in their lifetime. If we keep religion with spirituality, these places will gift you the precious peace & contentment for a lifetime. Each one of these holy destinations is blessed with locations with serene beauty & scenic delight.

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