How to prepare for an Interview? – Job Interview Tips

How to prepare for an Interview? - Job Interview Tips

Whether you are a fresher or experienced professional to grab your dream job you required to hack the interview. Job interview happens in 2 modes Written and Face to Face or it can be both. As we are thinking it’s not an easy job to hack an interview. Today interviewer are so clever, they can easily judge you and your capabilities. In this regard to hack an Interview preparation acts like the catalyst. How talented or experienced you are, make sure before an interview you prepared well. It was noticed compare to experience professionals freshers struggles more to hack a job interview. In this session to help you out let us come up with few useful tips regarding How to prepare for an Interview?.

Keep attending Interviews

Never ever think that in your first or second round of interview you will get selected. It depends upon luck, if you got selected in first or second round of Interview it’s awesome. But in-case you didn’t get selected never ever stop your-self to attained Interviews. Keep remember as many Interviews you will attained your confidence level will increase depending on number of Interview. It’s very true “Failure is the pillar of Success”. So keep trying Interviews unless until you hacked you dream Job.

Focus on your Primary Skills

It’s a good quality to know multiple Skills. But during an interview let the interviewer know only about your Primary Skills. This habit reduces complexity of the interview. For an example if you are a UI developer and your primary skills are HTML, CSS, JS and Jquery. In addition to these Skills you know ASP.NET & SQL Server. Then during interview keep hide Microsoft Technologies from the interviewer. Before submitting your Career profile to the interviewer remove Microsoft Technologies from your profile. Drawback of showing multiple Skills in Career profile is it brings unwanted questions.

Maintain Log for all Interview Questions

To maintain log of Interview Questions is a best practice to hack Interview. Before preparation prepare a list of possible interview questions from your Skills. Then in a regular basis keep touch with those questions and their answers. Going forward how many interviews you are attaining whether you pass or fail list out all the new question you found during your interview. In this way after some days you will get the list of frequently asked common interview questions. You must noticed from interviewer to interviewer question varies but there are some questions which are common. Using log for interview questions it is much easier to hack an interviewer.

Know more about the Employer

Know more about the Company where you are going to attained your Interview. After your career profile get shortlisted by the Company HR, please take a look on their corporate site. Know their products & basic information’s. Keep a note if your interviewer will ask you “What you know about us?”. Replay him the best. In this point interviewer need to convince Ya the candidate is well known to us. It gives professional impression.

Prepare Interview specific Resume

You must noticed during an interview interviewer focus more into the 1st or 2nd page of your Resume. So while updating your resume in front page specify only the targeted Skills. While sharing work experience at least for first 2 projects try to be genuine. Due to less of time generally an interviewer review the first 2 pages of your Career profile. Make sure from the first 2 page what ever the possible question can have, you are able to replay all them.

Prepare for HR Interview

It was noticed many Candidates get rejected in HR interview. As we are thinking it not so easy to hack HR interview questions. It my words this is the most critical part of the Complete interview process. Starting from your Career documents to Non-discloser agreement (NDA) all you need to verify and sign here. You need to submit photo copies or need to sign the offer letter as your Acceptance. In CMM Level 5 Companies HR round takes a day. To bring success in your Final round HR interview here we are sharing the possible HR interview Questions and Answers. These set of question can helpful for both Freshers and Experienced professionals.

With the above Job Interview Tips wish you the Best of luck for your upcoming Interview.

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