How to Conduct an Interview? – Qualities of a good Interviewer

How to Conduct an Interview? - Qualities of a good Interviewer

To judge a Human Brain is not so easy. The entire World is designed & maintain by the human brains Only. From A Missile to a Computer human brain is enough capable to understood all. So how can you understood a brain with 45 to 60 minuets. Everyone has some unique Qualities and Experiences. Here I am not saying you can’t judge a Candidate but there are some trick and practices to Follow. Basically we conduct an interview in 3 ways Face to Face, Over a Telephone or Video Calling. Let us discuss Qualities of a good Interviewer and How to Conduct an Interview?

How to Conduct an Interview?

1. Maintain Professionalism. Start with “Hello <Name of the Candidate>”.

2. In the begin of an interview ask the Candidate is he/she able to understood your language and pronounces well. Generally during a telephonic interview this accident happens. If there is a communication bearer post-pond the interview.

3. During an Interview deal friendly. Ask the Candidate to take some water or a tea. Using this trick you can better judge a Candidate. Many Candidates are here those get fear during an interview. For them to bring forward you required to act like a good friend.

4. If you are dealing with an experienced professional then before technical discussion try to know his/her experiences. What are the key responsibilities he/she or she handle during his/her previous Organizations.

5. After your query give sufficient time to express the Candidate. If he/she is incapable to resolve your query and saying sorry don’t force the Candidate. Go for next Question.

6. A interview comes under planning. Before interview as a wise interviewer know the nature of job which the Candidate will go to work after recruitment. In the mid of interview ask the work oriented questions. Before selecting the Candidate make sure the Candidate is well capable to meet the requirement well. This attitude makes a interviewer better.

7. In many case reference matters. If you are into professional world fro your end share correct feedback to HR.

8. If you are Conducting interview with a Group of Interviewers give equal opportunity to all. While some body is discussing with Candidate don’t over take him. Listen carefully how the Candidate is responding to your Colleague.

9. If you found the Candidate is week in basics theories then complete the interview without taking much time.

10. ASAP you completed an Interview share your immediate feedback to HR.

11. Before end of the interview session ask the candidate whether he/she has any query for you or the Company.

12. At the end of interview never expose the result to the Candidate. Tell him to connect with the Company HR.

13. Many Multi-National Companies provides interview feedback form. Fill this form and submit to HR with-in the 60 minutes from the end of interview.

14. If you are doing on-line requirement fill the data Carefully.