Need a Job? – Stay Motivated through your Job Search

It’s all too easy to fall into a spell of unmotivated, lethargic disappointment during a difficult spell of unemployment. If you’ve been working on finding new employment for a while now and haven’t had much luck, or keep getting interviews only to be rejected at the last second, now is the time to boost your motivation and power up so discouragement doesn’t take over. Make sure you’re motivated to find a job you love with this simple guide.

1. Get support from Experts

Your friends and family may be able to commiserate with you about your financial concerns or feelings of disappointment, but only those trained in staffing and recruitment know how to boost your spirits while getting you a step closer to the right job. You can look into logistics recruitment agencies melbourne to find specialist support during your Job Search. They’ll help you improve your resume and interview skills, and will show you that it’s easier than you think to find the right job for your specific skills.

2. Keep a realistic Perspective

Sometimes, an unrealistic idea of what to expect from your Job Search can hinder your chances of finding good employment. Take a look at the average salaries in the industry in question, network with others within that industry, and speak to others with plenty of experience to find out what positions would suit you and your particular set of qualifications and experience. You may be looking at the wrong jobs altogether, which immediately sets you up for rejection and disillusionment. Take a look at the market and get a clear, objective sense of what direction you should take.

3. Stick to a structured Routine

One of the biggest barriers to motivation and strong emotional well being during unemployment is the potential lack of structure and routine in the day. Jobs provide a reason to get up first thing in the morning, to get dressed, and to maintain consistent contact with others. When you don’t have work, it can be tempting to retreat into a small bubble where you lack routine and can fall into unhealthy habits like eating erratically, not keeping to a consistent sleep schedule, and isolating yourself from others. Try to maintain a self-imposed schedule despite your unemployment to ensure that you feel a sense of purpose throughout your day.

4. Avoid an inner-critic Takeover

For some, that self-critical, negative voice in your mind can become increasingly powerful has your time out of work lengthens. When you don’t manage to land a job you really wanted or struggle with an interview, try to shut down the inner voice that makes you feel terrible about yourself. Maintain an attitude of positivity and treat each setback as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve your approach to the next application.

5. Make a Job Search Schedule

Sitting in front of your computer all day staring at job sites and scrolling through endless listings could really suck the energy out of you, as well as causing damage to your eyes and affecting your sleep. Set up a schedule that allows for frequent breaks between career – hunting sessions. Remember to set up meeting times and social break with friends and family to help you feel connected to the world outside of your computer screen.