How to write a Good CV? – Resume Tips for Freshers

How to write a Good CV? - Resume writing tips for Freshers

Career growth is like a ladder. In Career correct steps can make you fly. The major asset of your Career is your CV (Curriculum Vitae). Career profile is the only way through which Human Resource Manager (HRM) judge your capability for a specific vacancy. Sometime you may notice your friends are getting interview calls but you are not getting. This is due to the poor quality of Career profile. So let us discuss below “How to write a Good CV?”.

What is a CV?

CV is the document which introduce you & your capabilities. This document varies from person to person. But there are some basic things you need to remember before preparing your Career profile. A CV has various segments like Header, Objective, Experiences, Personal Details & Declaration. Will discuss one by one in below paragraphs.

Header of CV

In a CV header is something which speaks your basic details. I mean your name, your photo, your contact number, your email id, your designation & year of experiences. Keep a note in your CV header must be HR friendly. It’s the part where the first look of HR will go. As you know industries are so busy to operate, HR will not look inside your career profile if the header information’s are not up-to the standard. Lets take an example. Assume you are a software engineer and your primary skills are Microsoft Technologies. You have 8 plus years of experiences. You applied for a MS.NET vacancy. Don’t forget with you many candidates are also in queue for the same vacancy. In the desk of HR there are more than hundred of CV’S and she/he has very less time to observe all these CV’s to shortlist correct Candidates. Here your profile header plays role. In first look from header if the HR found YAP this candidate is having more than 8 years of experiences in Microsoft Technologies & your contact details. She/he will call you or drop you a mail for further discussions.

How to write Objective?

Now inside your CV the first paragraph speaks your career Objectives. Major Candidates copy this paragraph from others. Don’t do this, try to write your objectives by own. After HRM, when your CV forward to interview panel members they will review Objectives first. In this section write what you want to achieve in your Career. In short which are the positive points in your career.

Experience & Description

In the section of experiences mention your previous employer details correctly. Job start date & end date, detail description of projects you did, What are the challenges you resolved during your projects. Coming from top just after objective keep your recent project experiences. Interviewer will focus more to your recent experiences & can ask questions about this. The rest of experiences you can add later one by one. Do remember to keep your CV not more than 5 pages.

End of a CV

The last part of your CV is your personal details & a declaration. In personal details mention your Name, Your Fathers Name, Your date of Birth, Contact number & Primary Email address. Better if you add passport or PAN number (if you are a TAX payer). Finally, in declaration declare that all the above information’s you shared is correct up-to your knowledge & believe. At the end do your Signature & Share the CV with Human Resource.

Example of a Resume for IT Professionals.