5 Uncommon Jewellery Gifts to Give your Girlfriend this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day nearing close, it is not uncommon for you to want to get your girlfriend something that she can cherish forever. But, with so many different types of jewellery items available around, finding the ideal gift for her can be a little challenging. From the beautiful diamond rings for girls to a variety of necklaces and other items, there are a lot of jewellery pieces that you can take a look into.

If you want to build up a grand surprise for her, here are a few Uncommon Jewellery pieces that you can buy for your partner this time around.

Dainty Pendants

Long gone are the days when women wore bigger necklaces and stuffy designs. Girls and women are evolving and gradually moving towards minimalism, even when it comes to the diamond pendant designs and the other types of metal pendants that you are going to get them. Always ensure that you keep a check on the quality of the pendant, aside from the design as well. Moreover, try and find designs and trinkets that your partner enjoys and resonates well with.

Heart Rings

As cheesy and cliché it might sound, these rings are one of the best options when it comes to Valentine’s day gifts. They are quaint but at the same time, they are grand. Try and find beautiful pieces made with platinum or sterling silver because they are hypoallergenic and tarnish-free. If you have been together with your partner for quite a long time, you must give it to them as a promise ring.

Dangle Earrings

Another underrated type of jewellery that stands out is dangling earrings. They are perfect for everyday wear and ensure a perfect earring for day and night settings. If your partner loves sparkly and jazzy options, you can dress up or down these earrings depending on where they are wearing them too. If possible, find the ones with rose gold options because those stand out.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

If you want to gift your girlfriend a stunning bracelet, you must get them something a little different from the standard options. Several options are ranging from standard gold to sterling silver that you can look into. If possible, make sure that you find the diamonds with yellow or rose gold setting because those blend in well.

Luxury Watches

This might not be a jewellery piece or even an underrated option but if you want to make your girl feel special, luxury watches are a good way to go about it. They are wearable and match with any kind of attire that you are wearing. Try and get the designs that you know will match your girlfriend’s personality well.

If you are looking for some good jewellery options to surprise your girlfriend with this Valentine’s day, you must look through these we have sorted out. They are not just unique but wearable by anyone around.