Top 5 Reasons to Learn Big Data and Hadoop knowledge

There is a gigantic evolution going on in the Hadoop and the big data market and the current stats show the acceleration always. Your current career to the dream career can be a big transformation with the Hadoop skills. Therefore, it’s the right time when you should start learning Hadoop to give a great hike to your career. The employees’ value gets significantly increased with big data and Hadoop knowledge. Let’s have a look at the top reasons to learn Hadoop.

1. Career with Hadoop is great ahead

The 2015 report of Forbes shows that almost 90% of the organizations have already invested in big data and Hadoop and most of them got profit with their significant investment. There has been a quick increase in their revenues.

Nobody can deny the fact that Hadoop skills are in high demand, therefore, it is always good for IT employees to keep themselves updated with these analytics based technologies like Hadoop and big data. You can get a ramp up in the career and some more advantages like increased salary packages and career growth etc.

2. Anyone can learn Hadoop

Learning Hadoop does not require any pre-requisites. People from any background can easily learn it. Let’s say you are from programming background then MapReduce jobs are available to be written in Python or Java etc. In case you like SQL then you can go for apache hive or drill.

3. Various profiles available in Hadoop

Hadoop is a big domain in itself and has lot many areas under it to work upon. There are many profiles available wherein you can work and show your abilities significantly. It all depends on your learning and abilities. The various available roles for Hadoop profile are as follows:

Hadoop Admin, Data Engineer, Hadoop Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Big Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Engineer

4. A constant increase in demand of Hadoop professionals

Being one of the most prominent technologies, the demand of Hadoop is increasing like anything in the market whether it is IT or non-IT domain. Hadoop is cost effective and can easily deal with the unprocessed big data which is very difficult to handle with any of the existing other technologies and relational databases. Hadoop is the foundation of many of the big data technologies like Hive, scala, and spark etc. Thus, lots of jobs are getting generated in Hadoop industry and organizations are looking for brilliant minds.

5. High pay scales with Hadoop

The scarcity of the trained Hadoop professionals has made the salary of the employees very high. Based on the different type of job roles, the salary of the Hadoop professional varies from around $95k to $130k.

These reasons are enough for you to get trained in Hadoop as soon as possible. You will get the list of institutes online, who offer best Hadoop training in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, and many other major cities in India. It depends, in which city you stay in India. So, choose the good institute online and start today.