4 purposeful things to Consider for your Career before hitting 35

The celebrated mountaineer Tenzing Norgay was approximately 39 years old when he was successful in his expedition to the Mt. Everest, along with Edmund Hillary. Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram is 34 years old, successful, prosperous and popular.

If you are wondering that turning 35 is going to draw limitations to your career, then these two personalities from two different decades are here to prove you wrong. It has once been truly said that age indeed is just a number.

However, if you are stuck on something or finding things difficult to execute or manage with passing days, some helpful career suggestions and useful tips can definitely allow you to re-frame your career, and ensure a seamless journey of prosperity and better career possibilities ahead. So, read through the following ideas and recommendations, and make your career during your 30s as interesting and eventful, as it was during your 20s.

1. Understand and identify your passion

It’s never too late to identify and understand what really your passion is. Chances of workplace dissatisfaction and hindered career path are likely to appear if you fail to know about your passion and what really intrigues you. Thus, in order to avoid any kind of mid-age crisis regarding career and other limitations in the long run, always choose to know your passion well, and then decide to move ahead with the option with absolute confidence. If you are good at something, then sooner or later, success will certainly be on your side.

2. Identify your strength and weakness

If you are on your way to make a career worth appreciating and absolutely successful by the time you are 35, then being a smart worker at an early age while starting your career can always be helpful.

Once you are done knowing about your passion and what profession would suit you best, try and figure out the strengths and weaknesses that you may have in this matter.

For example, if you have a flair for writing, then you can choose content writing as a profession, which in today’s world is at a booming stage. It’s a nice option to consider at a young age and even after the age of 35. The demand for quality content shall always be there in every business house promoting online trade. So, this can certainly be a beneficial idea for you.

Especially if you are good in assignment writing, then choosing a profession that allows people having a flair for assignment writing to flourish can certainly be a nice option to count on.

While this was just an example how one can identify his/her strength, quite similarly you can choose to know about your weaknesses as well.

If you find that despite being a student of science, you are weak in mathematics then look for career options that do not include mathematics as a crucial part.

It would eventually help you have a better career prospect rather than adjusting with a career, only to find out that pure mathematical technicality isn’t really your forte.

3. Consult other professionals of the same field

Try and gather feedback’s, opinions, tips and suggestions from the already established professionals belonging to same field of your concern. At times, the experienced ones are the best men to get in touch with.

They both have a theoretical and practical knowledge and idea of how things work out in the particular domain. Thus, before you turn 35, choose to be a good listener, consult your seniors and try to incorporate the ideas and insights shared with you.

4. Think out of the box; create interesting portfolios

This indeed is an important point to be noted when it comes to considering vital things for your career before hitting 35.

In this modern era, you can’t expect to be recognized by recruiters all over the world without presenting an impressive portfolio that can attract their eyes. So, try and come up with unconventional portfolios defining what you are made of.

If you are not having a well-constructed portfolio yet, then it’s time to build one. It is to be remembered that you are the sole maker of your own career, and it’s you who’ll be able to materialize every single idea shared here. All that is needed is confidence, focus and determination.