Special Gold Jewelry to keep in your Wedding Trousseau

A wedding trousseau is something that every bride should carefully curate for herself giving her own personal touch to everything. We hope that you are also adding the jewelry to your wedding trousseau in the same manner.

Here, we have some tips for you.

Try adding Antique & Heirloom Pieces

Well, vintage has an altogether different charm to itself. There is nothing that can be more royal than a jewelry that is vintage and is passed on from one generation to another. So, we would suggest you that if you can get your hands on something like this, you should not miss it for anything!

Get a broad Gold Necklace

Well, gold can never go out of style. It is one of the most royal things that you can own. You can team it up with kundan or polki or diamonds and have something that you can treasure for life as well as you can also pass to generations that are upcoming.

Look at Gold for Investment purposes as Well

Remember, gold is not just of ornamental value but it is also of a lot of financial value as well. We would suggest you to invest in gold while you are buying your wedding trosseau because it will also be a great backup in adverse times so you can be assured.

Take Stuff that you can ‘Re-Use’

If you are buying something then we would want you to buy something that you would reuse a lot of times. Your jewelry pieces must be the ones that you should be using multiple times such as some classic pieces in the form of cocktail rings, Rose gold rings, gold kangans, statement pieces, Rose gold earrings, kundan sets etc that you can use and re use a lot of times.

Take the Silver finish and Gold finish Jewelries both

We would suggest you to take your gold-finish and silver-finish jewelry pieces. We would suggest you to take the yellow gold pieces as well as silver work pieces in your trousseau. Your clothes that you must be taking in your wedding trousseau would be having gold and silver work both. So, your jewelry must contain both of them so that you can pair them up as per the clothes that you are wearing.

Make sure to Carry those little Pendants, Earrings etc.

If you are an office going girl or if you are someone who likes keeping it elegant, we would suggest you to not to forget the little pendants, earrings etc that you would want to wear everyday, so these are the things that you must carry in your wedding trousseau.

So, these are some of the best tips that you must keep in mind so that you can get the best of your wedding trosseau that will last you for the longest time possible. We hope that these tips are useful for you and prove out to help you in times to come.