Some Notes of Wearing Jewelry of various Materials

With the rapid development of the economic society, jewelry has begun to enter our lives, and some diamond jewelry or exotic jewelry has become a daily decoration for fashion people. People choose some luxury brands or wear different jewellery to decorate their own life according to the different occasions they want to attend or the style and connotation they want to show. However, people with different personalities have different psychological tendencies when choosing which jewelry to wear.

For example, women’s skin care products should be bought in a series, as well as jewelry. The same texture does not violate the sense of harmony. Everyone understands that the color should consistent, if not paying attention to color matching, will cause visually conflicting and messy feeling. Although the jewelry is good, it is a wrong thought that wearing the jewelry as much as possible, the more expensive is better. For example, before choosing a ring or a bracelet, the first thing that comes to mind is that the fingers and wrists are beautiful or not. With a beautiful neck, you can choose a unique necklace to give your neck increase score.

People who often wear Gold Jewelry – these people like to dress themselves up in gold. It shows that this kind of person is very confident, and he also has a certain capital to show his confidence. Such people can be said to be a master of communicative situations because they are very outgoing and confident. People who often wear silver jewellery: These people are very particular about life and will make their life very refined. Because most of the silver jewellery on the market is not particularly delicate, and the person who often wearing silver jewellery, it is definitely very refined. These people are very particular about everything in life, have a high standard, and like to plan ahead to implement. People who often wear jade jewelry: These people are very traditional, they are a traditional conservative person from the bones. These people like to wear family jade, such as old jade bracelets, old jade pieces and rings. People who often wear jewellery: These people are more likely to show off, they are very happy to share their good life with everyone. They like to win new prizes in everyone. It has the imagination and creativity. Most of the characters are very humorous and outgoing, getting along with others easily and being helpful.

Different materials, the characteristics of jewelry are not the same, so the requirements of wearing are also different: jewels that are afraid of water, do not wear in the bath! Jewelry that is afraid of oil, do not enter the kitchen! Sharp edges of the jewelry to be taken before going to bed! Some fashion jewels are sharply designed. It is best to take them before going to bed to prevent damage to the wearer. Take off the easily deformed jewels before going to bed and put them alone. Try to avoid direct contact between jewelry! Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with jewels and broken diamonds should be prevented from colliding and squeezing to prevent the jewels from falling off and losing. The order of wearing jewelry is particular! Generally speaking, first wear clothes and then wear jewelry; otherwise, take the jewelry first and then change the clothes.

Body Decoration Function

Jewelry is a combination of human body decorations and art, and is a carrier for people to express their beauty. The design and crafts of jewellery convey a certain ideological and cultural connotation, such as the yearning for nature, the recollection of traditional culture, the reflection of modern civilization, the exploration of human spirit, etc.; and the wearer of jewellery, passing on the pursuit of cultural taste, emotion and interest.