How are Coupon Codes Changing the way people are buying these Days?

Although many shoppers prefer to walk into a physical shop or browse through an online store with a list for specific items, enticing coupons have the power to encourage them to do impulse buying. In this case, they find themselves buying a product that they didn’t plan for or one they probably would never have bought were it not for the offer.

A recent survey by Inmar shows that only 10% of shoppers who bought items as a result of being enticed by coupons codes consider the deal a good one. So, what happened to the remaining 90%?

It’s obvious that they were attracted by the offers and because of this, they didn’t find it necessary to consider if they really needed the items at the time.

Clearly, coupon codes are dictating how people are shopping these days. But, how do these offers manage to entice the customers?

Here are possible reasons

1. A Great Way of Saving

As expected, most customers go for new coupon codes because they want to save. They believe that if they don’t take advantage of the offers now, they probably will not be able to get them ever again.

The retailers are also not making it easy for them to make purchases. They advertise the offers as a one-time thing and this is what is creating the craze.

According to the Inmar survey, 55% of the customers make purchases because of this reason with the digital platform enjoying 12% of the population while the offline platform taking the lion share, that is 32%.

2. Influence the Purchasing Decision

According to another survey by Marketing Profs, about 57% of online shoppers believe that they only bought the items because the coupon codes were tempting. This shows how dictating the coupon codes are. They are the ideal trigger that you can use to convince stubborn shoppers to buy what you are selling.

3. Enhance Brand Awareness

The research by Marketing Profs also shows that 68% of customers think that it’s the coupon codes that made them notice the manufacturer or the supplier of the item. New coupon codes are a great tool for creating brand awareness because of their attractive packaging. The customer can’t help it but inquire about the brand behind the product and look for other products offered by them.

4. Directs More Site Visitors

Coupons codes are great for improving conversions. The Marketing Profs research further indicates that 50% of the customers are highly likely to come back to an online store after receiving coupon codes. They are able to do it even if the offer is no longer there. They are also able to refer the brand to others.

5. Build Customer Base

Lastly, coupon codes have become a part of digital marketing. They are widely used on social media and other avenues to bring customers with the same interest together. Some of the most effective codes belong to these categories:

  • Weekly/monthly Offers
  • Loyalty Offers
  • Holiday Offers
  • Referral Offers

Inasmuch as coupon codes cost money to implement, they are a great sales tool for retailers. As a retailer, you are guaranteed improved statistics in as far as purchases are concerned. They are just the ideal campaign strategy that your business needs.