Factors you must to Consider before Selecting a Coaching Institute

Gone are the days when coaching institutes and tuitions were considered for the slow learners. Today, the students who top engineering entrance exam, medical entrance exam and more enroll in the best coaching institutes because it gives them the required edge to crack the exam. Every year several students from India choose the engineering stream to achieve their dreams of becoming a successful engineer.

The way every student prepares for engineering entrance exam like JEE is different, yet there are some commonalities. These engineering entrance exams are highly competitive and require unparalleled hard work from students. In addition to committing to a study schedule, joining a coaching institute prepares students according to the exam pattern so they can clear and get a top rank in engineering entrance exam like JEE. There are several coaching institutes in India to choose from. However, some are leagues ahead of others across various parameters.

Here are some important Factors you must Consider before Selecting a Coaching institute…


The faculty is the most important aspect when selecting a coaching institute. Several institutes offer demo classes to students who want to prepare for engineering entrance exam such as JEE.Consider an institute that has a competent and qualified faculty with extensive experience in preparing students for JEE. For instance, coaching centers like Aakash Institute has an expert faculty which is both knowledgeable and highly qualified from top institutions in the country like IITs and NITs.

Study Material

Most students consider the study material offered by coaching institutes adequate for engineering entrance exam preparation. However, every coaching institute has a distinct study material. The study material must be conceptually designed and should be easy to understand. It should also include syllabus for both board exams in addition to the competitive exams. Aakash Institute has the best study material with ample information curated in a readable format. The study material uses graphical representation, and is highly interactive which makes learning fun.

Doubt Resolution

Engineering entrance exam such as JEE is highly competitive, and students are likely to have doubts in every topic across all chapters. When looking for a coaching institute, choose one where there is an active involvement from the faculty in resolving the doubts. With regular doubt clearing sessions, students will be able to resolve their doubts and move ahead accordingly.

Learning Environment for Competitive Exam

When preparing for competitive exams, students must have the competitive spirit and must be motivated to give their best. With a competitive environment,students push themselves and accomplish better results by going out of their way. Selecting a coaching institute that has a competitive environment is advisable.It will provide students an edge to manage their time which helps them focus.

Slow Learners

Not all students are academically brilliant,but every student who dreams of achieving something can do it with hard work. There are coaching institutes like Aakash which follow an Action Based Coaching approach by focusing on the fundamentals.


Every student must get an equal chance to prepare for engineering entrance exam. Choose a coaching institute that has active measures for scholarships. A fee waiver can be incredibly helpful for students who are in a difficult position. Coaching institutes like Aakash provide scholarship that ranges from 5% to 100%.


In addition to the factors mentioned above, students must consider the location of the coaching institute and if transport facility is provided. Consider coaching institutes with a well-equipped library, hostels and more.

Cracking JEE – the engineering entrance exam is not a cakewalk. However, with ample hard work, dedication, and motivation to study, it is easy to get a good rank. Choose a coaching institute that focuses on both board exams and JEE. Today, coaching institutes accelerate the process of preparation and help students kick start their journey to IITs and other prestigious institutions.