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“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” – Vivekananda

With a firm belief in Vivekananda’s philosophy, Ourcoaching is an online learning platform, which manifests such talents of students, which they already possess. Our platform is accessible to all, be it students, tutors or experts in different fields. Mr. Kunal Kapoor (Founder and CEO) and his brother are the men behind the vision aim whose joint efforts led to the creation of Ourcoaching where age or profession is never a bar.

We believe that education helps develop a rational, secular and liberal outlook, leading the future generation to a path of success. Hence, the process of learning should not be restricted or have any physical boundaries. To facilitate the same, Ourcoaching.com was built, where sharing is caring. Not only do we deliver quality education solutions but also ensure that its accessibility is within the reach of all. Moreover, we follow a two-way approach, enabling both students and teachers to enhance their skills. A concoction of detailed demonstrations and easy to understand content offered by us helps students in their endeavor to excel.

Education For All

Ourcoaching hosts tutoring facilities and study materials for more than 10000 topics in different subjects. This makes Ourcoaching a versatile online learning platform for students and scholars who can browse through a vast resource of study materials to brush up their skills. With an aim to facilitate a better understanding of topics and conceptual clarity, all the content is created by experts and is supported by relevant examples.

Open To All

Ourcoaching is an open source platform for gaining and sharing knowledge which we believe leads to self-development of an individual and hence the nation. We give teachers, tutors and experts in difference niches an opportunity to enlist, create and share their expertise, which can then be accessed by learning aspirants for educational, and knowledge gaining purpose.

Whether you live in a remote area or somewhere nearby, our online learning platform is open for all. Moreover, no matter whether you are a student striving to top the C.B.S.E exams or an engineering student seeking more clarity on technical aspects related to your field, Ourcoaching is the place for you to enhance your understanding on the subject. With 24/7 accessibility, all you require is a simple log in to unfold the Pandora box of knowledge right in front of you.

Free for all

All the benefits related to teaching, tutoring and mentoring are completely free of cost. Students can easily signup for their intended course and browse through the study material any time without any hassle. The attempt is to make education available to all.

Most of the times, finances limit eligible youth to proceed in the path of attaining knowledge. Ourcoaching removes this limitation by extending hands of compassion and cooperation to the financially weak group of knowledge seekers as well as those who want to brush up their skills without spending a lot of money. Not only do we save students from coaching expenses but commuting expenses as well.

Private Tutoring at your Fingertips

We connect aspiring students with the most qualified and skilled private tutors with just a simple sign up. Whether you are preparing for your board exams or competitive exams, we remove all restrictions and bring quality education right to your home. Post your requirement in two easy steps and get connected to the best tutors in town.

Teach, Learn and Earn

Ourcoaching is an effective platform for imparting quality education. We give experts and capable individuals having competency in their respective fields, an opportunity to earn and in turn brush up their skills. Creating online tutorials and courses is very easy using our free tools and services. With such an approach, our sole aim is to spread quality education while also motivating those with talents to unleash their inner leaders and utilize their capabilities in the best possible manner. Publish your tutorial and start earning.

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