How to Choose the top IAS toppers Coaching Institute?

In the past years, the education sector has evolved into competitive examinations; no worthy student with the means to afford coaching would miss out on the opportunity to gain an edge over other worthy competitors. But blindly enrolling in a coaching institute only because it spends enormous advertising resources is not what intelligent students do. They research and ensure that they get the best deal possible for top IAS coaching in Indore and aren’t taken for a ride by sweet-talking commercial houses.

You must use a set of parameters to identify top IAS coaching in Indore, which will meet your expectations to study for the UPSC civil services exam. In your opinion, what are those parameters to find the best IAS coaching institute? Is it the presence of “Popular star” or “Crowd Puller” management, fancy building and infrastructure of institute, number of students in a class and location?

The most critical parameter that should guide you when selecting the best institute for UPSC IAS exam preparation is teaching Quality. Every other parameter comes second.

Impact of Quality Teaching

The collective efforts of the best teachers who have worked as a team for a significant number of years to create a learning ecosystem that effectively caters to the needs of students preparing for the IAS Examination.

The teachers can also teach you and handhold and mentor students along this wonderful learning journey for IAS. To ensure that you get value for money, more importantly, the outcome your desire, you must keep the below considerations in mind while choosing your coaching centre:

Travelling Time

Commuting is a big problem in metro cities. It’s pretty time-consuming and tiring. Those who are preparing for such a critical exam can’t afford to waste their time and energy. So it’s better to look for coaching in Indore, which is not too far from your place. But, while looking for a nearby institute, don’t compromise with the institute’s reputation; otherwise, it will be a sheer waste of money and time.

Teacher and Student Ratio

The student-teacher ratio should be low so that students can solve their doubts in the class itself. It is the student’s fundamental right to study in a class where his/her doubts are not lost because of the batch size. Most of the reputed coaching institutes have a batch size of 400 or 500. If you are studying in a class this big, you will not get your doubts solved. So, look for coaching centres that have a small batch size of 100 students only. And make sure that all your doubts will clear in the class.

Teachers should also encourage students to ask their doubts and make an extra effort to solve them. This is again dependent on the class size. If you are studying in a class of more than 500 students, it is not possible. Best IAS coaching centres create a team of the best teachers, and these teachers envision the core value of the institute by ensuring that every student’s queries are solved.


Next, you require a team of best teachers, not just one or two big names to prepare for the IAS exam. We all know that to clear the exam, you have to be good at all topics mentioned in the syllabus. Students fail because their preparation is lopsided, and this leads to failure in the examination. When you decide, try to know about the entire team of teachers and not just one or two big names.

Teachers should have worked as a team for a significant period. The learning of various topics of the syllabus is inter-disciplinary. Hence, teachers should have a clear understanding of where they need to stop and where the next teacher will take up so that there are no gaps in the students’ learning. When teachers regularly switch from one institute to another, they leave many gaps in their teaching (due to lack of teamwork), and this causes problems for the students.

The teachers should be approachable. It has been seen that teachers at some institutes work in multiple institutes, and they do not feel associated with any of the students. Teachers should also check the progress of the students through regular testing.

Lastly, every single teacher should be your role model for that subject. Teachers in the best IAS coaching centres are experts in teaching the subject as per the examination requirement. They have decades of experience training thousands of students to ace this prestigious examination, and they update themselves regularly by analysing the UPSC papers. They know this exam, understand what will be easy for you and what may trouble you, they also know how to make the trickiest concept crystal clear in your mind.