10 Advantages of Group Studies enable Students for Challenging Projects

Group studies equip students with clear understanding of the concepts discussed in the group and it also helps weak students in academics and improving academic results. Group study is very useful if the group is consisted of serious students. All students share their thoughts and support each other. Group studies enable students to take challenging projects. Some of the advantages of group studies are explained in this article.

Advantages of Group Studies

1. Discussion and Brainstorming

Group members discuss the topic. This discussion leads to brainstorming, in which each member participates and presents his/her ideas to the group. It helps in understanding the concept from different point of views.

2. Clear Understanding of Concepts

Discussion helps in clear understanding of concepts. Group members explain their ideas and each student gets the clear understanding of concepts. Cross questioning helps to get more details and elaboration makes concept clear.

3. Competition

Group members compete with each other. Competition is a healthy activity and each individual tries to impress the group members by active participation. This boosts up the confidence and self-esteem of group members. Group studies also helps in scoring good grades.

4. Active Participation

The group members divide the task and each member collects his/her destined information. Thus, active participation is ensured and each student plays an equal role in group studies. All members share their due parts.

5. Enhances Expression

Group study is very useful for those students who are not good at expressing their ideas. Students are given equal chances to express their views. This enhances students’ expressions and they become good communicators.

6. Saves Time

Group studies save time because all members divide the tasks. The group members combine and present the task in a more refined way in relatively short span of time. So, group studies are beneficial if exams are approaching and students are running short of time for exam preparation.

7. Weak students get group Help

Weak students get help and support from group members. The weak students trust their abilities and their academic performance improve in group studies. Their concepts get clearer in group studies.

8. Long lasting effects

The lessons discussed in groups have long lasting effects. The students remember the details for longer time period discussed in groups. The discussion enables student to process this information and it gets stored in brains for long. This is the most important advantage of group studies.

9. Enhances creativity

Group members solve their academic problems collectively. Each student plays his/her part and it enables student to think actively and creatively which boosts up the creativity of each member of the group.

10. Sense of Togetherness

When students feel united they try to deliver their best. They feel united and support each other in difficult times in academics and give moral support to each other. They can understand each other very well and try to resolve the problems collectively.

These were the 10 advantages of group studies. Group studies help student in expressing their ideas and help the weak students to understand the lessons. The group develops the sense of closeness and each group member plays his/her active role in resolving study problems.

Author’s Bio: James Josh has done M.Sc. Physics and is a teacher and a freelance writer from past 6 years he also give lecture as a visiting facility in different local universities and institute. He also provide academic writing help services to his week students and also provide them extra resource from their exam. For more you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.