What are the benefits of Studying at Caribbean Medical School?

Being a part of the medical fraternity is among the most rewarding career choices in the world. Students keen to be a part of this sector must start early in life ensuring they get good grades. Another very important aspect of the journey is finalising a medical school that will provide you with the valuable education needed for a medical career. For many students, quality education in Caribbean medical school has been the pathway to a brilliant professional career ahead. The schools fulfil all the required criteria that you would seek in a medical school and the best part is that it is way easier to get admission in the Caribbean as compared to the U.S. Medical School who have very stringent admission requirements.

Several other benefits come with studying in the Caribbean Medical school that are shared below:

Easier Admission – Now we all know that it is a dream to gain a seat at the U.S. Medical schools but that is easier said than. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you study, there is no guarantee of admission. According to Princeton Review, these med schools have an admission rate of 41%. This means a lot of deserving students are unable to meet the high benchmark.

Caribbean Medical schools on the other hand have more relaxed criteria for admission and ensure that students with a good academic background can commence their career. Hence, given that the average GPA and MCAT in the Caribbean are much lower allows the medical student to get admission easily.

High Quality of Education – Easier admission does not mean that the quality of education in the medical schools in the Caribbean is compromised in any way. Rather they offer the best education that includes an excellent curriculum, ample amount of practical training and an excellent state of the art facilities. Also, the degrees offered by these established medical schools are accredited by globally recognized bodies.

It is no surprise that many Caribbean medical schools have a high USMLE – Step 1 pass rate. This means that by choosing to study here, you will give your career the right direction and can join the ranks of many other doctors who are alumni of med schools in the Caribbean.

Clinical Rotation – Anyone keen on making a career in the medical field would understand the importance of clinical orations. They are the best way to give students an insight into clinical settings and how things work inside the hospital. This includes everything from doctors performing diagnosis to dealing with patients.

Caribbean Medical schools offer this global experience to help students become more proficient and capable of performing well in their professional life. This also serves as a vital time during which medical students can choose their specialization.

Smaller Class Size – The class size plays a valuable role in ensuring that students are getting individualized attention and making the most of their learning. This also allows the teacher to ensure better engagement where every student gets to equally participate in class discussions. Caribbean Medical schools emphasize smaller class size where the teacher can focus on the development of each student.