Key things to know related to Global MBA in India

For many aspirants of MBA in India, global exposure is an important criteria while choosing a programme. There is also the popular choice of doing an MBA abroad. However, that can be expensive and lack the knowledge and understanding specific to India.

Many colleges are now combining international experience with the curriculum in the second year. They do so in collaboration with institutes and professional bodies and allow students of MBA in India to experience the international business environments.

The combination has enabled Indian MBA institutes to integrate the global experience within an India specific understanding of business. Multinational companies are increasingly investing in India. At the same time, Indian companies are also developing multi-national portfolios.

It is one of the reasons why global MBA programmes have become a competitive option for many aspirants in India. Opportunities in MNCs that operate in India require both international exposure and India specific knowledge.

International programmes blend these two aspects well and create professionals for the Indian markets with a skill set of international standard.

In this article, we will discuss the two most important aspects of global MBA in India:

What makes it a better Choice?

A global approach is usually integrated in the curriculum of MBA programmes in three possible ways. They are:

  • Study at several international locations
  • International Business Studies as a specialisation
  • Students from different countries on campus

All programmes combine the three to some extent while designing their programmes with a global approach.

The international setting provides the cultural elements and soft skills required to adapt to business environments. The experience of interacting with students and professionals from other countries, either on campus or in foreign locations, offers a great opportunity to develop such skills.

Moreover, students are exposed to innovation in businesses which enables them to stay up-to-date with the skill set required to operate in multi-national settings. It often involves making important time-bound decisions with a short amount of information. Global experience prepares graduates for that.

International business as a specialisation is a popular choice for many candidates who prefer to live and work internationally. While many chose to do it abroad, Indian colleges offering the specialisation have become more competitive. Many now combine the experience of studying abroad as part of the course.

The top 3 colleges offering an MBA in India

Among the colleges for MBA in India that offer experience of studying abroad to students, there are different options. The things to look for are Return on Investment and the extent of international experience:

SP Jain Global MBA

SP Jain Global MBA is one of the most popular choices for aspirants looking for global exposure. In the programme candidates get to spend 4 months in each of the three international business destinations – in Sydney, Dubai or Singapore.

Only professionals with 3 or more years of experience are eligible for the 12 months programme. The course, offered at the Dubai campus, costs around 30 Lakhs for Indian students.

However, it is one of the most competitive programmes out there and offers great value to graduates. The fact that graduates go on to work in top positions in companies makes its prospects in terms of ROI quite remarkable.

Sunstone Eduversity Global Immersion MBA

Sunstone Eduversity has come up with an unique study-abroad global MBA programme for MBA students. It upgrades a regular MBA with a specially designed international exposure programme. The Global Immersion Programme takes students of 2 years, full-time MBA course to any one of the three important international business destinations – Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore.

The 10 days programme is integrated into the MBA curriculum and the students can opt for it if they choose to. The two year full-time MBA at Sunstone with global immersion costs 4.4 Lakhs. It meets all the requirements of international exposure and it is quite affordable at the same time.

Within the programme, students are provided with the latest laptop, and the fee covers everything – lodging in 3 star/ 5 star hotels, cost of flight, food, entry into world-expo as well as sightseeing.

GD Goenka University

GD Goenka University has a truly international campus with several international collaborations and students of 45+ nationalities study there. Although the MBA programme is not structured with a global approach, through the international collaborations, GDU assists students to explore many opportunities in top companies at foreign locations.

Moreover, the presence of an international student community on campus offers ample opportunity of interaction. There are many international students in the MBA courses at GDU as well. With interactive group sessions and dedicated learning modules, the setting offers ample opportunities to hone soft-skills.

The course fee for the full-time MBA programme comes to 7 Lakhs. The Aspire Entrance Test is conducted by the institute every year for admission into the MBA programme. With a case study and project oriented approach, they make graduates industry ready and highly employable.


International MBA programmes offer the opportunity to students of interacting with experts and leaders from the industry. With experience of diverse peer groups and international business culture, students get a good perspective on how problems are approached in different contexts.

It reinforced the India specific understanding of business with scope for imagination and innovation. If you have the ambition to reach top positions then a global MBA is tailor-made for you.

The only thing you need to do next is to ace the entrances and secure admission at a destination that offers you the best value.