Most Easy and Effective Menstrual Cup Folds you Can Try

A menstrual cup is a tiny, bell-shaped cup that can be inserted into your vagina during your menstruation to collect menstrual blood. They are produced of silicone, rubber, or plastic of medical quality and are generally reusable.

Just empty the cup, wash it with soap and water and reinsert it. A person can wear a reusable cup as up to 6–12 hours before removing and cleaning it. Anyone with a stronger menstrual flow may need to empty their cup more commonly.

Some brands are disposable, so after each use or menstrual cycle, a person can throw them away. One of these brands is Daisy Cup, and to check out more of them, you may go to We all have our own distinctive methods to do stuff–particularly the way we use something as private as a menstrual cup.

For different bodies, different things work, and that fold you don’t like might just be the favorite of your friend. So sit tight, and let’s guide you through our three favorite ways to fold a menstrual cup.

Before you Do It!

A menstrual cup will sit relatively low down in the vaginal canal if appropriately placed. The fold keeps the cup tightly rolling until it passes past the pubic bone, where it opens softly, ready to gather your menstrual fluid. Here are three of our favorite folds, shown below.

Position I – Half V or Punch Down Fold Position

This may be our favorite fold of menstrual cups. It makes the cup particularly small and slightly stiffer, so it is simple to insert. This fold also makes it easier to push your cup further into your vaginal canal before the rim pops open and forms that all-important seal. We usually suggest this fold to cup customers for the first time, as well as to anyone who has difficulty finding their groove.

To do this, simply push down and in the cup’s front rim. Then keep the cup close to the base so that it remains folded and finally insert the pointing tip into your vagina.

Position II – The C Fold

It folds out there one of the most famous menstrual cups–the C fold. Simply folding your cup is this method to make it look like the letter C. This fold is fantastic because it’s easy! Some consumers discover that with this fold the seal does not form as readily as with the fold of Punch Down, but each user is distinct, so why not try it!

Just flatten your cup and fold it in half so that it looks like a letter C. Then hold it tightly close to the cup handle, so it doesn’t lose its shape and insert the rim softly into the vagina to make it perfectly done.

Position III – Do It Like A Tampon Roll Fold

Fold the bonus! This one is only for consumers of the Lily Cup, as it is the only menstrual cup that can roll as thin as a tampon. For long-term tampon customers, this fold can operate very well, as the insertion method is very comparable. Press the narrower front handle to flatten the cup. Then roll from one side and finally hold the center tightly so that it remains rolled and inserted softly.

Important Tips To Remember

Whatever fold you like, always make sure that your cup is fully opened and that seal shapes! You must use your cup comfortably with a correct seal–without leaks. If you find this a little tricky, then attempt to put your cup a little higher than it needs to be at first, and use your finger near the bottom to push the cup further into it (most females find the half-v fold easier to insert lower).

Slide your finger to the top of a cup to open it and create a seal. You can then pull it down to a comfortable place using the base. Easy peasy! These are just a few of our favorite folds but don’t let this prevent you from attempting any other fold you’d like! How you use your cup is special to you, so attempt distinct alternatives and finally do whatever works for your body. Now, go forward and fold!


A menstrual cup, particularly if an individual no longer likes to use pads or tampons, can be an excellent choice for period hygiene. Always read the packaging directions and familiarize yourself with the cup before you first try it. Several efforts may be needed to figure out how to use a cup, so patience and perseverance are essential. Go ahead and experiments new types of the fold and find out what works best and safe for you. Practise makes it perfect!