Packaging Queries to know before Launching new Food Products

Launching a new product on the supermarket shelves and hoping to grab consumers’ eyeballs without any proper planning can be a failure. New products are found every day, and even though your product is out of the world, the competition is tough in the market. The thing that a consumer first sees in a product is its packaging. To help you out in creating a food packaging designing that is not just captivating but functional as well, we have created a list of Packaging Queries that you must be aware of before launching your products.

Don’t let your product be pushed back by other products because it doesn’t have the x-factor in its packaging. A professional food designer must be hired to design packaging that compels the store owners to give it the centre stage on their shelves. has decades of experience handling retail packaging projects and is an expert in creating next-level packaging designs.

Food Product packaging should be designed keeping in mind the type of product, its shelf life, duration to get transported to stores, and its safety to reach the destination without getting damaged. One of the other essential factors for its design in the space provided the Information about the product, its benefits, and the brand name.

List of Packaging Queries

1. What Packaging materials are going to be used?

Packaging material must be chosen that keeps the food product safe for the longest time and keep it fresh and protected. Most businesses are choosing eco-friendly and biodegradable materials for packaging. Still, it is entirely your choice to pick something that looks aesthetically good and also protects the food from getting damaged.

2. What type of packaging design will be best for products?

Packaging can be done in cardboard boxes, foiled-based boxes, plastic boxes, corrugated boxes, etc. Before choosing the right type, consider what your food product is and how much space is needed to support the development. The type and design must be selected to keep the box upright on the shelf without the fear of it falling.

3. What material will be considered for secondary packaging?

Every product is packed in two layers for protection and freshness. While primary packaging (plastic pouches) focuses on freshness and protection against contamination, secondary is used for shielding and safety while transporting it to the stores. Consider rigid materials for secondary packaging to maintain the integrity of the actual product.

4. What is the Cost of packaging and distribution?

Cost is the critical factor in product packaging that can affect business growth. Liquid food items need multilayer protection and sealing from oxygen. Although multilayer packaging like plastic bags and polystyrene foam keeps the food safe and fresh, this is not an environmentally friendly material. The cost can add up the overall price of packaging. But remember, the cost of a multilayer may be high; the cost of not using it can be higher if it is damaged during transportation.

5. What Information needs to be displayed on the packaging?

Consumers need to know the details of the food ingredients and details of its manufacturing. To get consumers engaged with the product’s features, it is essential to mention the benefits of using your product. Your packaging should have enough space to mention each detail along with the Brand name with logo and matching images.


The product packaging design is an intricate yet essential process in driving business growth. The decision must be made after carefully understanding the consumer needs and business budget. Food packaging can make or break a business, so it is best suggested to choose the high-quality design and material for the product packaging that not just protects the food but also turn consumers head.

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