Compared to Pads or Tampons advantages of using Menstrual Cups

Gone are the days when women were confined within the boundaries of their kitchen because now is the time of advancement. Women have reached the space and let us tell you one thing – there is nothing stopping women when it comes to their career, dreams, or aspirations, not even the taboos and challenges associated with their monthly cycle. Periods were a subject of great discomfort before the past few years. Even now, many small girls drop out of school when they reach the menstruating age, but with simple life changes like buying a menstrual cup online, women can easily make their periods less uncomfortable.

Yes, the cramps and mood swings part might be a bit tough, but when you decide to search “menstrual cup where to buy,” you are leaning a step forward in finding a smarter alternative in managing your period flow. Wondering about what a menstrual cup is or how to use it? Then let’s dive into the crests and troughs of reusable period cups or menstrual cups.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cups are flexible, bell-shaped, reusable feminine products that are inserted into the vagina for collecting menstrual blood during the period. As menstrual cups are made up of rubber, plastic, and silicone they can again be reused. The cups can be used for about 8-12 hours without any leakage and the best part is any woman with any kind of menstrual flow can use the cup without worrying about the size.

Why use a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cups have many advantages. Some of them are listed as follows:

1. As compared to pads and tampons, menstrual cups can hold more blood. They are more capable of collecting blood and there is a very less chance of getting into any kind of vaginal infection.

2. Don’t absorb blood, they collect the blood which can later be drained and the cup can be cleaned and used. So menstrual cups are a safer option because they don’t irritate the skin or pose the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

3. Another advantage is the cost-effectiveness. As menstrual cups are reusable, you have to spend very little on these, unlike pads and tampons that demand a monthly stock.

4. You don’t have to dispose of menstrual cups, which means you are doing the environment a favor by not adding to the waste pile.

The bottom Line

Do you know that on average, a woman uses 290 sanitary pads for 2 years which costs about 2400/- Rupees? However, the cost of a menstrual cup is 225 Rupees. You can reuse the menstrual cup, and one can be used for about a year if used with proper care.

Besides, you can easily find a menstrual cup online, and they are eco-friendly as well, so you would be doing your part in saving the environment from the evils of pads and tampons that contribute to tons of landfill waste. So, start searching for a menstrual cup where to buy and get ready to say goodbye to your despair of menses.