Ditch Plastic and Paper Bags and Start using Reusable Snack Bags

Have you noticed the heat of the sun recently? It shines more and exhausts people even more than that. We, as humans, would be stupid not to see the reason behind this increasing heat in the summer. The answer to this increasing problem is global warming, and the use of plastic is directly related to global warming or Co2 emission.

Something as small as ditching plastic bags and accepting reusable snack bags from Colibri may sound insignificant. Still, if we look at the overall statistics, it can and will bring a significant change. People who prefer to go for lunch on the go often end up using plastic bags, causing more damage to marine life and the environment in general.

So, even though the discovery of plastic was considered a boon to the environment, the same plastic has now become the worst news in the world. Here are a few reasons to ditch plastic and paper bags and use reusable snack bags.

Benefits of using Reusable Snack Bags

Considering all the pollution happening to the environment, using reusable snack bags is the perfect choice. Although why is that, we shall find out below.

Best for Carrying Green Salad

The popularity of salad in one of the meals never fades away. Those who want to stay fit and those who are not bothered about staying healthy, everyone likes to carry some salad in their lunch. But only having them in the right way guarantees a great experience.

Now, the question is, are plastic bags perfect for carrying salad? The answer is no. If you have your salad in a nice-looking plastic bag, you will only get sludge during lunch. It happens because plastic can prevent oxygen from getting inside. But some green vegetables or leafy greens must breathe to stay fresh. However, keeping them inside a plastic bag for several hours prevents the oxygen from coming inside, making the vegetables look not-so-fresh.

However, if you use a Colibri reusable snack bag, your salad can breathe, and you can get nothing but the fresh one at lunch.

Reduce the Load while Shopping

Shopping malls and departmental stores are the most significant sources of providing plastic bags, and we carry them thinking of our convenience. Taking a sudden oath not to use and throw plastic bags or using glass jars in the shopping bag may cause problems, especially when shopping. But what if you had a great alternative to the plastic bags? We suggest you carry a reusable snack bag for dry goods. It can reduce the load in your bag, easing you on the way home.

Assists in Carrying Children’s Toys

Going on a vacation is the most desirable idea for everyone. But going on a vacation with kids is an adventure. You need to carry some extra luggage for taking their food and toys. If you have some plastic bags, you will not only experience unnecessary hurdles while holding them but also cause some environmental damage. So, carrying a plastic bag is not an option.

However, using a much better and perhaps the best alternative is one choice away. Wherever you go on a vacation, consider using Colibri snack bags for carrying your kids’ food and toys. It will not be torn up, and keep the food and the toys in place. This way, you can be problem-free and will be able to enjoy the vacation without any worry.

Decreases the need to use Paper Bags

Plastic has always been a bummer for the well-being of the environment. Since it does not get mixed up with the soil or metals in water, it causes much damage to marine life and domestic animals like cows. Also, burning plastic causes toxic gas emissions, which is another reason for environmental damage. However, to reduce the usage of plastic, the use of paper bags became famous. Whether someone takes a lunch-to-go or buys some sandwiches, paper bags are the everyday things that anyone can notice in people’s hands.

But paper bags also cause significant pollution, as we tend to cut more trees to make paper bags. However, using reusable snack bags from  Colibri in Canada can reduce the need for paper bags. The reusable snack bags are easy to carry, more long-lasting, and it has zero environmental damaging capability. So, instead of opting for a plastic paper bag and contributing to more ecological damage, use reusable snack bags and keep your planet healthy.

Encourages to Plan for a better Future

When someone opts for reusable snack bags, that person is contributing to the planet’s well-being and planning to have a cleaner and better world. If you have a reusable snack bag on the kitchen wall, you can remember to carry your food in that. Also, it will make you remember to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables while shopping. These habits may encourage having other good habits like buying eco-friendly and reusable water bottles, not using AC so often, etc. You can contribute a lot to the environment by taking these small steps.

Reduces the use of Plastic

When protecting the planet, taking every measure is essential, if that means ditching plastic bags permanently and adjusting to reusable snack bags. But it is not very easy to implement in reality. Let’s have a reality check here. In the UK, people’s habit of taking lunch on the go still produces 10.7 billion packaging waste, contributing significantly to pollution. So, it is easy to understand that getting adults to ditch plastic or paper bags is more complex than giving reusable snack bags in kids’ hands and expecting them to carry it perfectly.

However, let’s be optimistic and consider what reusable lunch bags can do. It can help reduce the amount of plastic bags being used regularly worldwide, making marine life easier. Since plastic bags do not mix with the soil, it causes problems for domestic animals. But using reusable snack bags may decrease this possibility. The use of reusable snack bags in every food store, restaurant, cafe, departmental store, etc., can completely eliminate plastic bags, making the world a lot safer for humans and animals.

Keeps the Food Fresh for a Maximum Portion of the Day

Whether you go to the office or you have kids who go to school, taking food is the most common thing to do. But while carrying nutritious food is essential, being able to eat fresh food is equally crucial. You might decide to eat some of your food whenever you get the time, and you may think of eating the rest after the end of all the work. But if you carry your food in a plastic bag, the food becomes stale.

However, using reusable snack bags can keep the food fresh and healthy for a long time. So, if you want to eat your tiffin after completing all your work or on your way back home, you will get a good treat for using the reusable snack bag.


Though plastic or paper bags have been considered convenient for a long time, their demerits have now come to people’s attention. Therefore, considering reusable snack bags as a much better alternative means a step towards a better and safer tomorrow. Now, we can only hope that with time, we can ditch plastic and paper bags and protect our planet by using reusable snack bags.