Are you going to purchase a Laptop? – Laptop buying Guide

Are you going to purchase a Laptop? - Laptop buying Guide

In information technology laptop is a very useful device. From business to job it helps us to maintain remotely. Laptop is portable to carry, easy to work & it gives freedom to save time. In professional world laptop generate hygienic impressions. Dedicated professionals love to walk with a laptop. There are variety of brands those provides ultimate laptops. Among them few are in apex INTEL, HP, TOSHIBA, LENOVO, DELL, COMPAQ, VIZIO, SONY & ASUS. Purchasing a laptop brings unique happiness to Software lovers. Today using internet we can recharge our mobile phone, we can go for a banking transaction, we can pay our telephone bill, Can file the income tax return like many more. In this regard I can say laptop is a handy device.

Technologies updates everyday. In our market we have thousand of competitors & million of devices. Before buying a laptop we need to know the basic knowledge regarding our digital world. It helps to purchase a better & user friendly laptop. As laptop is an electronic device there are many units to know before purchase. In this session let me share Laptop buying Guide in below.

Know the Brand

Know more about the brand of laptop you decided to purchase. Share quality time with their website & product details. Early to visit their showroom know the current market price from the manufacture website. Compare dealer & manufacturer price. Set your budget before going to buy a laptop.

Choose Suitable Color

While purchasing a laptop choose the correct color matching to your personality.


Display is a major unit to digital devices. Before buying a new laptop choose correct screen resolution. The ratio you can prefer is 16:9. To reduce the cost global manufactures provides small screen resolution. If money is not a boundary prefer 12 inches or more large screen LCD. Recommended screen width I can suggest is 14 inches.

Laptop Battery

In a laptop battery provides backup from accidental power failure. While working in many case we have unsaved data. Backup provides facility to save those data. So the time we are buying a laptop we need to aware of battery quality & the duration for how many hours it can provide backup. For better sales many times the sales executive share us wrong information’s about battery life & backup duration. Don’t be in hurry. Take your time to know more about the battery & battery manufacture.

Physical Storage

Physical Storage is an important part of a computer system. File operations to Operate a software physical memory plays role. Quality hard drive matters in performance. While purchasing a laptop prefer to choose large storage hard disk. While working generally we switch on our laptop for a long duration. Keep you aware about the hard disk heat emission. More heats means your hard disk will less life-time.

Locking System

As laptop is a portable device we can take it to any place while working. Some time we left it on our desk, few times with a moving train or it can be a restaurant also. By watching into these factors global laptop manufactures provides locking system to their products. While purchasing track this feature with your new laptop.


Multimedia is an attractive feature to laptop. To play an audio or video disk we need a CD-ROM. CD-ROM comes with read-only & writable mode. Read-only means you can only read the data. In case of read & writable CD-ROM you can create your own data disk. The symbol to know read & writable feature comes with RW. While purchasing a new laptop many dealers provides Lens Cleaner kit. Before leave the showroom with your new laptop don’t forget to ask regarding.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory (RAM) improves the speed & performance of a laptop. More logical storage means more fastest operation. The time you are purchasing a laptop prefer to choose larger memory.

Operating System

To operate hardware we need an operating system. From global survey window provides setup disk with many laptop manufactures. If you are a regular internet user & keeping you update on software’s take the benefit to grab 1 year license free OS disk from the dealer.


Anti-virus protects our laptop from several spyware, malware & viruses. To improve sales many dealers comes with 1 year free Anti-virus software. While purchasing you new laptop stay aware of this.

Carry Bag & Accessories

Carry Bag & Accessories are the fancy ornaments to your laptop. While purchasing verify the quality for these materials.

Check Modem, Network, Audio & Video Card

Addition to the above points check speed of modem, quality of network card, sound card, video card & processor details.

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