Choosing the right Translation Agency for effective Language Translations

If there is any space that is witnessing an unprecedented potential, it is the field of ‘language translations’. It is turning out to be a new lever that can catapult a stagnant and outdated business towards a prolific and turbo-charged runway. Almost every product, service and experience in the present era is being redefined because the boundaries of the old world have been shattered, thanks to technology. The globe has dissolved into a whirlpool of devices, applications and technological answers where every culture and language is now interacting seamlessly. Language is no more a tool or wall but merely an interface to reach out to a new person and market opportunity. Technology again comes to rescue here by arming businesses with the power of approaching as many people and minds as one can wish.

Translation is more than a Company Choice

Language translations have become inevitable business necessities. To avail these new-world competencies, one seeks out a good translation company. Language is donning the robes of a strategic advantage in many segments and is refreshing traditional business models. It is, thus, making translation strategy a strength that is much more than choosing a translation agency. Think about picking the best translations services in India‎, for instance. This task is not a tactical one. It has strategic ramifications. This simple choice is going to cascade into the manner in which your product or offering talks to the end user. It is going to be the ultimate wheel that covers the last mile to your valued customers.

So how do you make this choice? How do you select a translation company that augments the ultimate experience that your product/business is endeavouring to blossom for the customer? Can a translation agency manifest your business or brand DNA strongly enough in that manual, website paragraph, label, advertisement, chat-bots conversation or product-description? Is there any approach that morphs translation services into a compelling and inimitable business advantage?

The answer is ‘Yes’. But getting there needs some homework and legwork.

What to look for when looking for translation?

It does not matter whether you need a Japanese translator or have a French translation project. The language strength is adjacent and complementary. The core competence that one should ideally be looking for is the combination of ears, eyes and hands before a specific tongue is brought forth as a proposition. You need someone who has that extraordinary differentiator – context. Context is what will shift a mundane product into something that really ‘gets’ a customer. It is only through a contextual understanding of the customer environment, and needs, that any device or solution can really meet the gaps that befuddle users. Merely plugging in a language will not transform a device or service for the intended user. It has to seep deep inside the mental and physical habitat of a user. You need someone who cannot just deliver Spanish translation for someone in Barcelona. You need someone who knows the energy and smile that a ‘Hola’ hides within it. You need someone who can bring in the gravity and intricacy of grammar while doing the German translation.

Signs of a strong partner

A strong and helpful translation agency marries all three attributes for a translation project – language, device and context. The services go beyond vanilla translation. They allow an end-to-end lifecycle that straddles across localisation, testing, customisation and cultural-subtext. A dependable player also works with credible and seasoned partners. The team that such a player nurtures packs not just people proficient in linguistics but people with a passion and expertise for communication.

Translation services are hitting a new inflection point. The spending from enterprise side that is expected to pour towards translation services is expected to reach $45 billion by 2020. With so much text and content that is being generated for, around and by devices of today; every organization is bound to spend here. But what will separate the professionals from the amateurs is not how much they spend, but how well and where they expend these precious bucks. Choose the right translation partner and make these investments work for you – both as tangible ROI and as intangible impact. These are going to earn you more than that language-interface. These capabilities are going to earn you something that transcends all languages – a great customer experience.

Get someone who can help you with great execution, language prowess and immersive context. Get someone who can understand you as well as your target customers. Make translation services more than a tick in the box. Make it break the box and make you stand apart in the cluttered world out there.

Because that’s when you can confidently say – Bro/Sir/Madam, I speak your language.