Microwave Oven buying Guide – Top 5 Things you need to Know

Delicious food is the essence of living, and every food lover would agree with me. If you are also a foodie and want to try your hands in some of the great dishes then having a good microwave oven is your cup of tea. From reheating the leftover food to prepare a fresh meal a microwave oven could help you in every task. Here are the top 5 things you must know before purchasing a oven.


Three different types of microwave ovens are present in the market which depends upon the usability.

  • If you just want it for simple cooking and reheating purposes, then you can go for a Solo Microwave Oven.
  • If you are fond of grilled food, then opt for Grill Microwave Oven.
  • If there is a lot more in your cookery guide other than simple cooking, grilling and reheating then prefer convection microwave ovens. It utilizes a heating element along with the fan for thorough cooking and baking purposes.


By capacity we mean the amount of food it can cook in one go. The capacity of a oven is calculated in liters. This criterion can be based on the number of people present in your family and its usage. While for small families of 2-4 people, a oven of 15-20 liters is enough; big families can go for 32 liters and above.

Style and Pattern

Microwave ovens not only come in different sizes but different styles as well. The four major styles are:

  • Countertop microwave ovens: These are the compact, portable and most preferred choice among the users. They are more commonly used for reheating and performing small cooking tasks.
  • Above-range microwave ovens: These microwave ovens are installed above the kitchen range and give the kitchen a luxurious appearance. With their advanced features, they are the second most preferred choice after countertop microwave oven.
  • Microwave oven drawers: Getting installed as a drawer, this style is becoming very popular as it spares the countertop space of the kitchen.
  • Combination microwave-conventional oven: If you want something luxurious, this style is for you. With its dual function as a conventional oven and microwave, it comes in a sleek design and makes the kitchen look very elegant. You may also want to see the best microwave ovens under Rs 15000 on Review Station.

Important Features

Apart from these basic specifications, some important features like auto-cook menu, defrost, pre-heating systems and timer should be given important considerations. You must look whether it comes with essential accessories like rotisseries or not. If you have kids in your home getting the one with child lock function becomes very important.

Budget Plan

This is the most important thing to consider before heading for purchase. You must calculate your budget and the essential features you want in your microwave oven. Although the market is flooded with a lot of microwave ovens, making the most suitable choice within your budget is something worthwhile.

So make the best choice and have a happy meal!