How is Technology enhancing your Eating Experience?

There has been a lot of innovations in different industries such as construction, vehicle, storage, and communication. However, the same could not be said for food. But this is now finally changing. There are some smart devices that have been made available for food enthusiasts, and this article is going to cover just that. So, if you want to know what cool innovations entered into the food industry, then read on.

1. Apps

Whether it’s for finding out recipes or ordering food, there is no denying that apps have changed the way people eat. There are many restaurants that have developed apps for people to download via which they can place an order easily and have the food delivered to their doorsteps. But for that, you will need a reliable internet connection. But fret not! There are many superinternetdeals that you can opt for. However, before deciding on any package, do make sure that you select the one that can meet your online needs successfully.

There are apps that you can use to find out what food you are about to consume. Also, how many calories it contains. Of course, this tech is only limited to colors and shapes.

2. Robotic Staff to Take Orders in Restaurants

When visiting a busy restaurant, you should be ready for one of two things; either the staff person will come to take your order late, or you will have to wait long for your meal to arrive. Both of these instances can simply ruin your evening. But not anymore! Robotic waiters have now taken over the role of taking orders, and they are a much effective alternative to their conventional human counterparts.

This technology is now being used around the world. There is even a restaurant in China where the dishes are prepared by robot chefs and then taken to the tables by robotic waiters. So, you shouldn’t be surprised when this technology becomes more common in the future.

3. 3D Printing Food

Yes, you read that right! Lynne Kucsma has created a 3D printer for food. But was there a need for such an invention? This is the question that Kucsma answered. He said that why would people need a 3D printer for food when they can simply purchase the edibles from the supermarket. Well, they will need so because this technology will help reduce the hidden ingredients in food which can be the sale, preservatives, and oil. So, how does the printer work? It’s simple! The user will simply blend the ingredients, and the printer will be able to carve out the desired shape, whether it be a dessert, burger, or a pizza.

Currently, this printer doesn’t eliminate the need to make the meal yourself, but plans are in place to make the device cook the food as well. There are some big companies like Hershey that has realized the potential of 3D printers, and they are using them to intricate the design of chocolates with the help of an iPad.

4. Food Scents

When you combine scent with food, then it will make for an interesting concept. You see, more than half of the taste constitutes smell. So, if the smell is replicated, then it will replicate the taste as well when you are not even consuming the actual product. This idea will interest those who plan to go on a diet. Also, if you play sounds whilst consuming blender or low-calorie food, then this will improve not only the quality but also the taste of the food, helping the food transform that will make up for the drastically lower taste.

5. Virtual Reality Plus Food Science

Virtual reality has crept into every aspect of life, including leisure and gaming. Now, project nourished is trying to use this tech in a fun way. They have worked on their plan, and quite frankly, blown people’s minds with it. They vow to let people eat whatever they want and that too without any regrets. But how is it possible? Well, it is, and here’s how; the idea will work with a VR headset, a bone conduction transducer, and an aromatic diffuser. The transducer will transfer the sounds that a diner makes when eating to the person wearing the VR headset.


Technology has transformed every industry from health to communication. And now, it looks like the tech is finally pushing the boundaries in food. All the aforementioned innovations are sure to be a big step towards the revolution into the eating experience. Now one shall wait and see how the tech surprises the world in the future.