Comparateur Location De Voiture

To travel the world is to see the wonders of Mother Nature and how the human race has worked hand in hand with her to create vast landscapes and living oases as the years have progressed. There are countless beautiful places, some explored others still waiting to be discovered, perhaps hidden from prying eyes and waiting for the right moment to reveal itself.

When we read adventure stories in children’s books and how fascinating the world can be and is, and we often tend to drift off in thought to those places, imagining what they could look like, would we survive if we were to live there, and all the wonderful creatures and animals we would live among.


I know many people who tell stories of their vacations and holidays abroad much like the storybooks, perhaps some of it is elaborated to coincide with what they have heard as children themselves and a little of what they hoped the adventure could be or was. Either way, they are imaginative, brilliant to listen to and to watch the reenactments, or if adding extended details which in essence are your dreams then all the better.

Traveling Abroad

There are so many options when it comes to seeing new countries and how best to get from place to place, but to truly be immersed in the scenery and to see the attractions up close and personal you are going to need to – as they say – hit the ground running. And to do this you will need to have a vehicle while on the other side of the world.

Understanding what all is needed for planning a vacation is the easy part, executing the bullet points you have so nicely typed up is where careful research and organization comes into play. Certain aspects and procedures need to be followed and if not done right can cause you not only a headache once the trip is underway but financial agony by spending more than you intended to.

As someone who has traveled in many forms and to many countries, I can vouch for the importance of being prepared, and even more so when you have children with who don’t particularly do well with unpreparedness.

Be sure to do your homework, make sure you know where all you will be traveling to, how long each duration will be, and the miles it will take to get there. This way you can narrow down your vehicle options, the features each has to offer, and based on your budget conclude from there.

Checklist Creation

When speaking to people you will hear an endless number of boxes that need to be ticked off to have the ‘perfect’ trip but trying to achieve everything on everyone’s list is impossible, so you are better off doing your homework and planning according to the traveling party dynamics.

Some fundamentals will help get the ball rolling when it seems overwhelming as you start, as where to begin can be daunting. So, what aspects do you need to consider when looking for a rental vehicle while on vacation, let’s take a look at the top criteria other travelers have considered important.

Budget – This, unfortunately, is the subject nobody enjoys bringing up but is one of the key determinants, writing down a number that you are comfortable with is going to make life that much easier and less stressful. Trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ with a party of 6 is not likely to come cheap and the last thing you want on a holiday is worrying about how much fuel you are using per trip.

Size – Minivans are a great way to go when there are lots of people, they can fit all the luggage, each person has enough space to be comfortable and to stretch out if need be, and they are practical. You ideally want a car that is easy to drive and maneuver, especially if you need to be on the other side of the road.

Comfort – For some explorers, this is not an essential feature, but it is appreciated if the vehicle tailored to the budget comes with a sense of luxury. If the traveling party is small or it is just you and your other half, then making it a key factor is possible.

Features – Thinking about which season you intend on visiting the country will make the small touches that much more important. If it is a wintery, snowflake-covered trip then heated seats and steering wheel are a great element as you drive, the same goes for a scorcher of a destination when it is all about the air conditioning.

The last, but not as vital points are to ask if the vehicle comes fitted with a navigational system, a CD player or at least a radio, and perhaps a charging point.


Some lists have been compiled by experienced adventure seekers if it becomes too much and you feel like throwing in the towel, you can click here to have a browse and quick look over the basics and to help you get a foundation as you search what’s available on the market.

Rental Agencies and Pricing

Like with all products and services there are going to be price fluctuations and variations, and the last thing you want is to pay double what you initially would have had you done the proper research into the rental agencies in the area you will be staying in and the average prices.

Look at the market values according to the types of cars, their fuel consumption which would differ if it were a hybrid or simply full electric (then there would be no diesel costs and only the charging point costs if any) and based on these numbers and your calculations you can choose a suitable car.

Reading up on travel blogs and hearing what other people have discovered or mentioned is a good way to keep on top of things and see if you are on the right track. Reviews and customer comments are a good indication of how they experienced the vehicle, the average budget you should allow for your covered mileage, and if it could be the car for your needs.

How to choose a Rental Company?

If there is one piece of advice I have always been told and continue to pass onto friends and family (and pretty much anyone I know who is about to go on holiday) is to with all your might try not to rent from an airport-based agent. Not because they are any less suitable, but for the fact that they have inflated prices due to location and convenience.

Seeing the rental sign as you exit the terminal building and into the public domain can be a relief to some for not having to think about where or how to locate a taxi or public transport mode, and in an emergency, it could be the silver lining you needed to a stressful situation.

If you have planned and booked a car and are headed to pick it up, you can look for a few criteria as you arrive to the car lot. Are the building and premises well-looked after, are the cars arranged and organized neatly, all these give a good impression of their work ethics and how they pride themselves on professionalism and quality.

Entering the building you want staff and employees that are friendly, courteous, and prioritize customer care and service, it will make you feel comfortable and that you have made the right choice.

Knowing you are in safe and capable hands gives you the peace of mind you need to start your trip, and the fact that you have not paid an arm and leg for what you believe is the best car for the function of the trip is a job well done.

If this sounds like the type of experience you want when organizing that surprise long weekend away for hubby then you need a car that will not break the bank. To see what could work for you and browse possible price options why not take a look at location de voiture États-Unis for vehicle suggestions and a step closer to the perfect fit.

Once the agent has taken the keys from the safe, the necessary paperwork and you are on your way to collect the car don’t rush to jump in and drive off, take a walk around looking at all angles, any bumps or bruises from previous renters and be sure that they are noted on the papers before you sign them. This covers you for future claims and insurance fraud, not to mention them holding the deposit which we could all use back at the end of a holiday, am I right?

Wrap it up

At the end of the day, all you need to do is whip out the crinkled paper map from the glove compartment (or your phones sat-nav if you aren’t in a movie scene) and hit the open road. You have worked hard for the adventure that awaits you, it is time to take that well-deserved relaxing break, perhaps get a couples massage as an added treat and sip cocktails from morning till night.

Those months of planning have paid off, you realize that those moments of anxiety were not as dramatic as you made them out to be, and the next time someone asks about rental car procedures you can confidently give your opinion, tips, and tricks.

Enjoy life to the fullest, it is the only one we have after all right?